Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Void Corsairs - Part 2

Last time I introduced everyone to more of my planned Drukhari army. I have built some more of it, and I have some of it painted to fill out what I need for my Harvester list.

Let's start with my painted, and based, Kabalite Warriors:
The Sybarites. I distinguished them all with each wearing something on their backs and wielding a melee weapon.
Heavy Weapons, Splinter Cannon and 2 Dark Lances
Regular Kabalites
Here you can see the scale cloaks that fit most of my space pirates together

Fleetmaster Karrik got a paintjob. I am keeping with the theme of my characters having lighter armor than the rest. You will notice his base is different from the other painted models. This is because I have a big Tantalus project planned later, and he will be spending most of his time on the table riding that ship, so I tried painting it to fit the planned deck of the ship.

Since I planned on taking a Kabal Battalion Detachment, I would need another Archon, so in addition to the Fleetmaster, I also made First Mate Ozuros. His body is from the old Lokhir Felheart model, and the shark jaw I got from the Fleetmaster kit. Then various bits I have.

I also built a Raider, but tried to go with more of a ship theme, I think I pulled it off well enough. This is one of the ships in the fleet.
Notice the rear deck is made from the Scourgerunner Chariot. The ship will have a helmsman, but I will be painting him separately.

I wasn't sure what was something unique I could do with the 6 Reaver jetbikes that come in the Gangs of Commorragh box. At first I had an idea to combine them with the new Akhelian Guard models, but the more I thought about the idea, the less I liked it. Then I remembered there was this thing called windsurfing. The Drukhari ships ride these aetheric winds, so why can't the reavers do it as well?
For ease of painting, the riders will all be painted separate, but I am really excited to see the cool poses I have planned put on the surfing Reavers.

With what I have built for my Wych cults (the Reavers, Wyches, and Hellions) I can run an Outrider Detachment of them. Of course I need a character, so I caved and bought a Succubus. I creatively swapped a few bits, giving her a scaled cloak to fit the rest of the pirates, and a mask to fit the wyches. I like unconventional wargear so my Succubus will be wieding hydra gauntlets like the rest of the wyches. This is Fleetmatron Aravesh, consort to the Fleetmaster.


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  2. This is amazing. I LOVE your Raider! What things did you do to it to make it like that?

    1. The rear deck of the raider is from the scourgerunner chariot. The front mast is built out of card stock and one of the big spikes that normally fits on the underside of the raider, I just put the gun that normally goes on the top on the bottom, and put the spike that goes there on the top. A few extra sails are added, and the front figurehead is just made from the Black Ark Corsairs banners/icons.