Tuesday, May 5, 2015

XV86 Response Suit

One of my projects I am working on is a book of custom Tau Battlesuits. I wanted to create an open guide for building your own battlesuits and providing more customization options for existing battlesuits. I love this aspect of the Tau the most so the following project was a pleasure.

The signature suit of the empire, the XV8 Crisis Suit, is already the mainstay of several armies, so why not make variations of it? There are already naming guides for the different loadouts, but I have an experimental variant I am especially proud of.
The XV86 Response Team is meant to be a fast attack suit that accompanies Forgeworld's XV9. That dataslate is one of the pages from my book. A few parts are covered in the book, like the Hardpoints system and things like the Special Drones list.
I won't get too much into the rules of the XV86, but more about the conversion and the models themselves. Of course these can be used as count-as XV8's because they hold the same base size and relative shape.
The XV86 conversion sports an enhanced thruster look. This could be used to represent Vectored Retro-thrusters. I wanted a speedier looking XV8 that fits its fluff.
Each model I made has a different stage for the advanced thruster assembly. I imagine these things being in constant motion to enhance the suit's speed and maneuverability.

In the next few posts, I will do a 'How I did it' guide on the conversion.