Monday, September 11, 2017

T'au Display Board finished, and finished army

My army is complete and ready for the Harvester tournament.
And here it is next to my old board. I tried the best I could to match the colors, and I think I got it close enough.
And the list I will be presenting to my opponents.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

T'au Display Board - Work in Progress

The Harvester of Souls looms closer. With my T'au army painted, I want to try a new display board. I already made one for my old tau force as seen here. I kept that board in mind when building this one. I wanted it to continue off of the old one. The idea is so when I have them both set-up at home, I could have a couple boards to display all the painted models in my army.
Initial foam layering. I worked with 1" pink foam on particle board, same dimensions and materials as the previous display board.
I wanted more Tau structural presence on this board. So I opted for sort of a garage that serves as the top entrance to a much deeper underground layer. So even the generator and pillbox on the other board are considered part of this installation. The door in the floor is where the battlesuits come up from. The roof and front wall meet in the middle to connect and close off.
Furnishing the indoor. Most of these bits are remains of Devilfish and Hammerhead kits.
This shows how the 2 boards will connect when finished. Again these 2 are meant to display together for my own home display, I will not be taking the old board to the Harvester, thankfully.
So far this is what I am deciding on the arrangement of my army. A very battlesuit heavy army.
Sand applied to everything. As with all other sanding, it's a layer of glue, then sand, then another layer of glue on top to really lock it in.
Some of the inside bay painted up. I have more detail work to do, especially decals. I plan on adding a lot of the Tau decals.
Now to get some paint on this thing and finish the detail work!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hobby Tip - Cleaning your paint palette

These plastic paint palletes are generally very cheap and easy to get to, but if you want a quick way to just free up some white space on them, here is an overnight tip for easily cleaning it off.
I discovered this one day when I needed to apply some glue to something with a brush, and I used my palette. First liberally apply a bunch of white glue/PVA/school glue/Elmer's Glue allover the areas you want to clean some of the paint off of.
Make sure it spreads around some and covers the main areas well enough. You want the glue thick, but not too thick. Being able to slightly see the colors through is idea. Let this dry overnight. This is a great thing to do before you go to bed.
By the next morning, all you need to do is peel off the glue layers, which will pull up most of the paint with it.
These are all the glue peels showing how much paint they took with them.