Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Censers & Tocsins - Glutannus & The Cultivator Shrine

I am getting back to my nurgle mortals. This took a while because I needed a few kits and bits. But I got a couple things that I am looking forward to seeing painted with the rest of my army.
I wanted to add a big monster to my army. I love the Maggoth Lords, but since I don't like doing named characters, I wanted to make something with the kit, and just run it counts-as one of the lords (I really wish there was a generic Maggoth Lord warscroll though). So I made Glutannus here.
I had to do some creative cutting and greenstuffing to remove the rider and saddle, as well as repose the left arm to feed a hapless victim (from the Aleguzzler Gargant kit) into his open maw.
I finished everything I needed for my Chaos Warshrine, as seen previously. Differences on the shrine itself is I just added more molds and mushrooms, and my brother gave me a cool 'troggoth vommit' but from the Fellwater Troggoth kit that he got. Then I finished the altar and made my ritualist.
The altar has on it another hapless victim (from the same Gargant kit, so many good bits in that kit) with a fresh bunch of fungus sprouting from his belly. He is held in front of a pit that contains a slurry of mold and waste. The idea is the sacrifice is cut by the ritualist, and the cultivator liquid is poured into the wound and the cultivator fungus sprouts from the fresh wound, then the sacrifice is pulled into the pit by a tentacle to dissolve in it, and that substance is occasionally expelled from the rear of the shrine as it moves to sew the ground. The ritualist I like a lot, and got the idea since I saw the Fungoid Cave Shaman kit. It was to fit perfectly with my fungus themed nurgle stuff. I replaced his hands with the a flask of the cultivator potion, and a broken blade. Upon trying several different heads to use, I settled on one from the Maggoth Lord kit. As I looked at it I realized something, this guy is a dwarf! So I like the idea of a nurgle corrupted duardin ritualist manning the shrine. I will have to think of a name and story for him.

Now you may be thinking what I plan to do with the rest of the Gargant kit. Well that is what is coming next...

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Void Corsairs - Part 2

Last time I introduced everyone to more of my planned Drukhari army. I have built some more of it, and I have some of it painted to fill out what I need for my Harvester list.

Let's start with my painted, and based, Kabalite Warriors:
The Sybarites. I distinguished them all with each wearing something on their backs and wielding a melee weapon.
Heavy Weapons, Splinter Cannon and 2 Dark Lances
Regular Kabalites
Here you can see the scale cloaks that fit most of my space pirates together

Fleetmaster Karrik got a paintjob. I am keeping with the theme of my characters having lighter armor than the rest. You will notice his base is different from the other painted models. This is because I have a big Tantalus project planned later, and he will be spending most of his time on the table riding that ship, so I tried painting it to fit the planned deck of the ship.

Since I planned on taking a Kabal Battalion Detachment, I would need another Archon, so in addition to the Fleetmaster, I also made First Mate Ozuros. His body is from the old Lokhir Felheart model, and the shark jaw I got from the Fleetmaster kit. Then various bits I have.

I also built a Raider, but tried to go with more of a ship theme, I think I pulled it off well enough. This is one of the ships in the fleet.
Notice the rear deck is made from the Scourgerunner Chariot. The ship will have a helmsman, but I will be painting him separately.

I wasn't sure what was something unique I could do with the 6 Reaver jetbikes that come in the Gangs of Commorragh box. At first I had an idea to combine them with the new Akhelian Guard models, but the more I thought about the idea, the less I liked it. Then I remembered there was this thing called windsurfing. The Drukhari ships ride these aetheric winds, so why can't the reavers do it as well?
For ease of painting, the riders will all be painted separate, but I am really excited to see the cool poses I have planned put on the surfing Reavers.

With what I have built for my Wych cults (the Reavers, Wyches, and Hellions) I can run an Outrider Detachment of them. Of course I need a character, so I caved and bought a Succubus. I creatively swapped a few bits, giving her a scaled cloak to fit the rest of the pirates, and a mask to fit the wyches. I like unconventional wargear so my Succubus will be wieding hydra gauntlets like the rest of the wyches. This is Fleetmatron Aravesh, consort to the Fleetmaster.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Blog Update

It's been a while since I have done a post, but it's been pretty crazy.

First off I added a miniature to my collection. A very special mini. He weights 7lbs 11oz and cries and poops a lot. His name is Drake, and the future for him should be exciting, but his care has taken a lot of my time lately.

I have a few coming tournaments I plan on attending. First there is a small non-ITC event on June 9th; 1750 points; 1 day. I will be bringing all the Haemonculus Covens (Verminlord Skrax) I have, and fill the few remaining points with a patrol detachment of an Archon and some Kabalite Warriors, of my Void Corsairs.
These guys are on the painting table!
Next is a major ITC event on January 23rd; 2000 points; 2 days. Again, I will be bringing all the Haemonculus Covens I have, and fill the remaining with a battalion detachment of Drukhari Kabals.

Finally is my annual pilgrimage to the Harvester of Souls on September 22nd; 2000 points; 2 days. Same list, maybe adjusted, as the other 2000 point event. The 2 previous tournaments are both meant to be practice runs for this one.

More updates on my projects coming soon. In the meantime, I have a little treat. It's grilling season in my house, and I have been working on an good shish kabob recipe, and I bring it to you. In celebration of Malign Portents, this is my Shyish Kabob recipe. Enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Farsetter Holds - Game 4, Finale

(Game 3 here) 
We had the final 4th game of our campaign, and it was very epic. Brace for it, because this is a long report and story.
 The Farsetter Holds - Chapter 4

The cold weather snowfall had hit hard and sudden. Although the clan was thankful it wasn't a hard blizzard. They had been preparing about a month, all the while the greenskins inside the hold didn't show any signs. But on this day Dunhill was going give them something to take notice. They emptied the fort of everyone fit for fighting. This was the entire throng, all of them. Lined up at the base of the mountain, in neat disciplined lines, waiting.

Towering over the throng in the middle was the Klad Barag, driven by Drake and a team of his best cogsmiths. Today was to be its first official battle, a magnificent tribute to Grungni. Also of the new engineerings in the throng was their last organ gun, the Beardforce, (a team of 6 in hovering gyropacks with brimstone guns and bombs), and one of Dunhill's earlier steamsuit prototypes, much larger and bulkier than his current model. It is being driven by his veteran longbeard, Behrun Farsetter.

The throng began to stomp in unison, chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!". Small rocks were rolling down the mountain face. The Klad Barage let out a massive horn blow, ear shattering and deep, the forest behind swayed as flocks of birds left the canopy. Rolling rocks became tumbling boulders as the mountain let loose more from the reverberations. It would be impossible for the greenskins to ignore such a display and call. Fighting was what they lived for.

Dust and some debris were falling from the high ceilings, every greenskin had paused what they were doing and looked up as they heard the distant call to war. The Profut was beginning to stand taller, as if the building waaagh energy was giving him youth. Grox was feeling it too. Then Da Big'un started laughing, big bellowing guffaws. A group of scouts returned shouting about a big battle about to happen, whispers of a waaagh echoed throughout the horde. Da Big'un began stomping in tune with the duardin outside.

Given time they all marched to the exit lead by the scouts. Not a single orruk was going to miss out on this.
Dunhill saw the greenskin horde pour out of the entrance, marching down the hill, chanting 'WAH WAH WAH' to match the rhythm of the duardin throng. They had taken the lure, not that they would object to it if they knew it was one. Dunhill signaled the Klad Barag and it let out 3 short horn blasts to alert the throng that the fight had come. The other veterans were calling to their units and forming tighter lines and locking shields. The organ gun was priming the barrels. The familiar hiss of fuel were filling the reserves in the drakeguns. Thunderer handguns were clicking and locking. A subtle thrum emanated from Bree and the other Runelords as she concentrated on the rune power adoring her battle dress.

The greenskins had formed up and marched forward. Da Big'un let out a massive WAAAGH! and as the horde responded, he bounded down the mountainside atop his magmadroth, and landed with a crash behind the cheering horde.

This was the final stand, Dunhill thought. This would be the end of it. The last chance to take back the Farsetter ancestral holds.


Each player brought 3000 points, abandoning most matched play restrictions to bring whatever we wanted. The goal was objective based, and the twist was enhanced magic (because of da WAAAGH POWA!), but double 1's or 6's dealt mortal wounds to the casters.

Jarom brought Da Big'un, a butcher, da Profut, and Grox, and a newcomer Warboss on Wyvern. Also his usual host of orruk and fat'uns, and a couple fat'uns carrying really huge guns (Ironblasters).

As in the story above, I had lots of Ironweld Arsenal and units of Dispossessed. The Klad Barag of course was the centerpiece of the army, and the most exciting part, I thought. I also had 3 Runelords to spread the runepower.

It was a really massive pitched battle with lots of back and forth, and by the end, most of our forces were nearly completely obliterated. The forest and rocky areas had been riggeded with firebombs and phosphorous explosives. Causing a lot of blindness with the greenskins in the forests (brought on by the Mystical terrain rule), and inhibiting movement around the fires in the rocky areas (brought on by the Lethal Inferno ruse card from the Open War cards). These worked to help against the greenskin hordes by splitting them up or delaying some of them.

On the right flank, the Beardforce (gyrocpters) were menacing the orruks and the longbeards, ironbreakers, hammerers, and thunderers held out strong against the spear boys, 'ardboys, and ironguts. Hammer Co. was a very early casualty from the brutally efficient Warboss on Wyvern though. The Warboss survived all the conflict and quickly made his way to the right flank to take on the objective that would have clinched the win for Destruction, but fell under irondrake firepower.
Meanwhile on the right, the huge mass of warriors (40 total) slowly marched up, shields locked and protective runes glowing, to meet the orruk mob at the edges of the forests. They had gained ground on it due to the phosphourous bombs there. Thunderers, irondrakes, and the organ gun shot at who they could. The Klad Barag advanced forward and met on some fat'un (ogors) and leadbelchers, and took them out completely in a brutal melee using its massive stomps and giant rune hammer. It got a chance to shoot its cannon and missile barrage, and its freshly carved antimagic runes helped some with the nearby castings of the Butcher and Shaman. Also Bree and the other Runelords were hard at work trying to keep magic at bay, and enhancing everyone's weapons and armor.

Da Big'un was caught off guard by the phosphorous traps as well, and turned out to be especially susceptible to them, losing a couple precious turns. Then destruction finally caught up with the Klad Barag and a few ironguts. They dealt mortal blows to the Klad Barag, and Drake knew it was going down. So in a final act before the boilers finally gave out, he lunged the massive machine forward to grappled Da Big'un and his mount, so when the machine shut down, at least there would be a crushing weight over top the menacing orruk monster.
During this, Grox was advancing with the warriors. One of Dunhill's much earlier prototypes they recovered from the hold (Warden King on Throne of Power), rushed forward to meet with Grox. Even the mighty fat orruk with many names was dealt much damage and nearly got knocked out completely, but even in such a debilitating state, the orruk was able to take out the contraption. Grox was barely holding on, and knew he needed to get to help Da Big'un with the giant duardin machine. However on his way he was mobbed by the winning unit of warriors and taken out.
Dunhill, furious at seeing his eldest taken down with the Klad Barag, approached the pinned struggling Big'un. With a sheer hatred that spanned his entire ancestry, he overexerted his armor's boiler, and pummeled Da Big'un as his suit shut down. Movement from Da Big'un ceased.

Profut had seen seen the battle turn, and knew when it was wise to run away as the remaining warriors charged after him, calling a retreat back into the hold.

This was all that was left at the end of turn 5. This is how you can tell the intensity of a game, by what's left on both sides.

The Farsetter Holds - Epilogue
It had been a day of recovery from the battle. Dunhill was anxious to uproot his entire expedition and fort into the hold, he didn't want to give the remaining greenskins any chance to regroup and recuperate. As they regained and recovered some of their ancient homes, they also lit the halls again.

After a few weeks, life was returning to the holds. The proper life. But the clan was significantly reduced in number, and it would be entire generations before it would return to the glory since the Age of Myth. One thing for sure, they did not have near enough to populate all the halls, many remain in darkness, and occupied by other undesirables.

Dunhill stopped sending exploratory teams deeper in search of resources and riches when they stopped returning. It still bothered him that after the dust of the battle cleared, they couldn't recover the bodies of Da Big'un or his generals. The so-called Profut was still at large, that grudge not yet struck out.

The clan decided to keep relatively close together as they resettled the holds, and all were working in full force to repair and retrofit what they occupied. New legends and genealogy records were being scrawled into the walls and pillars of their great journey.

King Dunhill sometimes felt content as they were once again living in their rightful ancestral home, but had to remind himself the threat was far from removed. The greenskins and probably more were deeper in the mountain, and they couldn't dream of eradicating it yet. He knew the time was precious for the recuperation of his house, but all the time spent on that, the orruks had the same. This was not the end of the war, but this would be a new chapter for the Forthammer Clan Throng.

And there you have it. That is the end of the entire campaign. What a rush! Even though Jarom won with the most renown points, there was still a lot of back and forth in the games, and they were all very epic and exciting. I seriously recommend playing a campaign like this to anyone. These are where the best stories out of Warhammer come from.

As for the campaign rules, we both felt it was an excellent way of handling the whole thing. We looked over the rules packet I made, and came to a couple planned changes from our experience. One in particular was Renown rewards. No longer will it be random with die rolls, because each time I had the opportunity to roll for Renown, I could never roll above a 1, and Jarom was getting high numbers. So we are opting for static numbers based on the wins and types of wins/losses. I will make a post with the updated campaign rules for that at a later date.

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Void Corsairs - Introduction

I am not done with the Drukhari. Verminlord Skrax was the first part. The first part to my Exiles of Commorragh. Drukhari that are not allowed to return to the Dark City. Both either deemed too weird, or heinous traitors, even for the dark kin.

This next army are the Kabal of the Void Corsairs. A pirate fleet that have no base of operation or place to call their home, except the cold empty void. They still traverse the webway, but are careful in doing so to avoid running in to their Commorrite brethren, or Craftworld cousins.

So these are what I have built so far for them, but there's more to come, like the vehicles, which I am really excited about.
They are lead by the Fleetmaster, Karrik. A brutal unflinching humorless Archon who is haunted by visions of a kraken. It's not of any creature he knows of in the galaxy. It permeates his every dream. What he knows for certain, or at least he believes he knows, that kraken will be his demise. The day he meets the creature, is the day of his death. Until then, every encounter he survives.

The model itself is based on the GW Fleetmaster model with a blast pistol. I loved the blade peg leg of the model, and the dragonscale cloak which you will see is a common theme among my Corsairs. His head is from the now discontinued old Lokhir Felheart model, fortunately I was able to get a hold of finecast version.
The kabalite warriors form the main crew of his fleet. They are made primarily from the Black Ark Corsairs kits, mixed with Kabalite Warrior arms, weapons, and heads. The special weapon models have heads from Reavers. I really like the poses of these models, it shows them in constant motion. There will be more of these guys coming as I get more corsair kits.
I have a single unit of wyches. They are pretty much made from whatever spare bits I have put together from the various Drukhari kits I have bought so far. The top 3 will be painted up to look like their gauntlets are on fire, trailing flames. These count as hydra gauntlets. I used some bits from the Witch Aelves. I like their small shields and am using them as their hekatarii blades. The helmets also add a really cool look to the unit.
I absolutely love Hellions. Such a cool kit. I bought some a while ago and with the addition of the Gangs of Commorragh box this Christmas, I had to add them all to my army. I will use any excuse I can to add all these guys to my army. I think they have so much potential for RADICAL posing and SICK moves. The more dynamic poses are helped with some of the crew bits from the Raider and Venom kits. The Helliarch on the top (3rd from left) is from the Scourgerunner Chariot kit. Each Hellion has a breastplate from the Black Ark Corsairs kits. There are 3 more of these coming, I just need more breastplates.

I have more coming for this army, but in due time.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Artwork - Rotbringer Sorcerer

A very generous artist made a piece of artwork of my Rotbringer Sorcerer, the Rotpope. I love this piece and compilation. I just wanted to show it off here.
You can reach the artist on his twitter, https://twitter.com/DrRainbowhat. I don't know if he does commissions, so you may want to check with him first if he does.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Farsetter Holds - Game 3

(Game 2 here)

The third out of our four game campaign took place and it was a close battle, really close.

The Farsetter Holds - Chapter 3
   Dunhill remembered this door, he remembered it well. In his youth and younger days he spent much of his time behind those doors. For it housed the Engineer's Guild hall. The door is decorated to reflect that, with its many intricate artistic gears carved into it. A loud clanging noise breaks him from his trance. Ancient mechanical work turns behind the walls and door slowly swings open. Drake stepped away from the lock mechanism that started the process.
   It smelled old, but fortunately not chaos tainted like some of the other parts of their ancestral halls. This remained untouched. Clansmen, who remember working here, lit the place up with the hum of electric bulbs lining the walls. With each bulb sparking to life the old projects became clearer. Various inventions lay still, some integrated into the walls, some on carts.
   Dunhill smiled as he remembered this place alive with the sound of forges and whirring engines. His smile shortly turned into a frown when he remembered why they had come here. These battles with the greenskins were not going well. They should have had the entire hold by now, but are driven out at every turn. They needed some help. They needed some weapons.
   Drake was busy inspecting everything, barking orders to the rest of the engineers and cogsmiths. He approached his father who was pulling down a dust covered tarp from something of impressive size.
   The greenskins had found a feasting room. Luckily there were many kegs to bust open and drink of the contents. Stunties made good grog, and this stuff was old, making it all the more potent. The fat'uns and other orruk were sharing in merriment, along with Da Big'un. It was a massive orruk, at least twice the height of an ogor. Enough to put any proud Ironjaw to shame. Accompanying it was its Magmadroth. These beastly creatures normally were companions only to the fierce Fyreslayers, but any orruk with the toughness to withstand the beasts heat and temperament could tame one as an animal companion.
   The ale was a pleasant distraction, but a distraction. Grox knew he needed to find a fight for Da Big'un, or else it would turn on the rest of the horde. And it needed to happen soon. Luckily the scouts were returning. They arrived in the feasting hall, and whatever they were going to report, immediately went to the back of their thoughts as they delighted in the sight of their brethren consuming stolen grog.
   Grox stormed up to one and smacked the stein from his hands. He briefly frowned at the sight of the foamy liquid spilling over the floor, but Grox' large fist yanked at his leather straps, snapping him from his stupor. "REPORT, GROT!"
   "Uh- We found dem, boss! Da stunties was getting into a big room. One wif all dem mek-works or sumting."
   This concerned Grox. He had encountered mek-works before. The orruk weren't too savvy on mechanical contraptions, mostly being the specialty of the grots. The sky-stunties were also known for it. Whatever form, they were very destructive and usually meant lots of dead boys. The scout reported him the location. He knew of it during their exploration. They can easily get maneuver and surround it.
   Profut Big'un was nearby listening to the report. "Powerful Grox, if I may, da boys is still drinking, and Da Big'un might not want to go anywhere roight now."
   "All roight. My boys fight better when their bellies are full anyway. Full of grog. But as soon as those kegs are empty, we march." The scout had already grabbed another full stein and brought it up to his lips when Grox snatched it from his hands. "Get yer own!"
   Dunhill was overseeing the largest of the carts being slowly pulled across the walkway which left the old Engineer's Guild hall. These old machines would do nicely. They had sorted out the creations that were working well enough and those which needed too much to be usable in the near future. This big one had barely made the cut. All of the usable ones were loaded on carts and pulled by pony and clansmen. They just had to get them outside to the fort that the rest of the clans and throng were stationed at the foot of the mountain. Luckily during their explorations, they had found a shortcut outside, another large entrance. This was closer to their location.
   A watcher called out a warning of approaching greenskins. Immediately Dunhill called to his own to form up and get ready to defend the walkway. They had retrieved more drakeguns in the room, so clansmen were donning the irondrake armor. Bree was at Dunhill's side as the rest of the throng took up defensive positions on and around the walkway. They just needed to defend and buy enough time for the caravan to get out of the holds.
   Dunhill did see the hordes approaching from one side of the walkway, and before he could order all to that side, a warning cried out and the other side had about an equal amount of them. They were surrounded.
   Drake called to his father as a crew of sub-engineers wheeled out of the room two gun emplacements. "My lord, these are the last of them, but I have a feeling we will need them now." The crews were already expertly setting the organ gun and cannon up and loading them.
    By now the greenskins on both sides had gotten closer. The gun crews were doing final adjustments and barking orders when an ear piercing roar reverberated through the halls, which gave pause to everyone.
   Before anyone could react, they discovered it came from a massive orruk in heavy armor, wielding a club that rivaled its own size. It sat astride a magmadroth. The rider and mount came bounding across the hall, and leapt up onto the walkway. It's speed was equally as impressive as its size. Without a chance to react, the magmadroth crashed into the organ gun crew and sent them flying, and the big greenskin brought its club down on the gun itself. The forge runes glowed and sparked briefly under the incredible strain of impact before finally giving and shattering into pieces. The imposing brute let out a powerful WAAAGH! and the rest of the greenskins charged forward, eager to get to the fight.
The objective card for this game was Kingslayer (kill-points mission, enemy General worth double), and the deployment had me in the center 24" zone, with Jarom having 12" on either side of the table. I was surrounded. For the Twist this game it was Double or Nothing, meaning on a 4+ the game had 2 more Twists applied to the battle. As per my rules, we each picked one of the other Twist cards on the campaign tree, ones that were not connected and had not used yet. Jarom picked Eager for the Fight (granting everyone +2" movement and +1" to run and charge rolls always), and I picked Set Piece Battle. Despite being surrounded, that last twist helped out in this as I got to wait for Jarom to completely finish deploying, then I got to counter-deploy. This helped me by making sure all my big guns were lined up to the big targets, like Da Big'un (counts-as Megaboss on Maw-krusha). Unfortunately Jarom got first turn, and most of his stuff was able to charge in immediately, including Da Big'un leaping up onto the walkway and taking out my organ gun and crew in one combat.

However when it was my turn, all the guns on the walkway immediately turned on to Da Big'un and took it out in one shooting phase, but that meant all the guns didn't fire on the masses of greenskins below during that precious first turn. Eventually as the turns ground on, the hordes fought their way through the ground troops and flooded the main walkway. Grox went down under gunfire after he took out one of the irondrake squads in a single combat round. But the battle was losing despite the heavy losses on both sized. Eventually all I had left was Drake, Dunhill, Bree, and a few thunderers, and Jarom had a unit of Ogors, some Ardboys, a unit of Ironguts, and his Profut Big'un.
The game ended with a Major Victory for Destruction, and a Major Loss for Dispossessed. Killing Grox and Da Big'un was just not enough in the face of all the casualties I suffered. I got my 1 renown for the loss, and Jarom rolled 3 for his win. Right now in the campaign I am sitting at 3 renown, and Jarom at 7. The next and last game will be worth double renown, so If I can take the win in it, I would need to at least roll 2 renown to tie with Jarom, or 3 renown to win the campaign.

   Profut Big'un stepped up to the hole where he last saw Da Big'un. It was picking itself up from the fall, the magmadroth as well was shaking its head as it regained consciousness. The blasting of cannon fire, drakeguns, and thunderer rifles must have destabilized the ground, and with Da Big'uns weight, it fell through. It appears to be more halls and caves below. The Profut cursed the duardin guns and their maze-like halls. It was too far below to try pulling Da Big'un out. They would have to search around until they could meet up with it again.
   The Profut's 'Ardboys were helping Grox up as he too regained his bearings after being shot off the walkway ledge. As he realized what had happened, he bullied one of the 'Ardboys, both to vent frustration and save face among the remaining boys. The Profut sneered as he thought of the several times he could have easily dispatched Grox at any point, taking the horde to himself, but he still knew he needed him, for now. While Da Big'un was a massive inspiration to the Waaagh!, it was no leader. It barely spoke outside of grunts and yells. The Profut wanted to teach it some things so it could become an orruk general, and his need for Grox would pass.
   Dunhill still didn't like the raw light of Hysh illuminating the sky. He preferred the comfort of the dimly lit halls. Their hike out of the hold had been thankfully uneventful, outside of a few broken wheels on the carts pulling the engineerings.
   The Forthammer Clan Throng fort had grown significantly since the last Dunhill saw of it. They left a contingent of duardin to remain behind to guard over the families and supplies. They had been working nonstop, with the women of the throng being most of the work force. A note of pride for duardin are the stout hardworking nature of their women. It had been constructed primarily of wood from the nearby forests. Dunhill noted the signs of battle that were among the clear-cut trees. He imagined they had a story or few to tell of their own.
   The gates swung open with duardin efficiency and what remained of the throng marched in. Families were reunited, and widows stood sternly. Careful to keep their pain inside, as this was not the time for mourning. The entire expedition was nearly a failure, and Dunhill knew he would need to consult the rest of the elder council tonight about it. They had come to take the holds, but instead are going to need to prepare for a final battle, outside at the base of their birthright.
   "By Grungni's beard, the greenskins will pay." Dunhill recognized the voice, and embraced Grundi. The runelord was old, older even than Dunhill's father. He was among the oldest in the clan, and Bree's tutor and master runelord.
   "They will." declared Dunhill. "There is much to be done. If one thing about this whole endeavor has reaffirmed me with greenskins, they will seek out the biggest fights," he gestured to Drake organizing the engineering carts within the fort walls, "So we will give them one."
   Grundi grimaced at the largest cart. It carried a bipedal machine with an imposing duardin presence. When standing it would reach 2 maybe 3 stories tall. He never trusted the newfangled contraptions that Dunhill and his son had an affinity for. "Will it work?"
   "A large enough foe is too much for any orruk to refuse a fight. With this we can lure all the cursed grob-kin out of our holds, and crush them. I could never get the damned thing to work in my youth, but if anyone can get the Klad Barag up and running, it's my son."
(Game 4 here)