Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Coming plans and getting ready for the Harvester

The date for the Harvester of Souls 40k GT has been officially announced, and it's coming a little early this year. Meaning I don't have as much time as I originally thought to get an army ready for it. Thus I have to put any AoS painting on the back-burner for now.

That also means my original plans for a 40k army may change. I was going to expand my Haemonculus Covens army with some space pirates themed Drukhari. But with as much buying, building and painting I need for that plan, I may not have enough time. So I am going to default to my Tau, of which I have most of it painted already.

The other thing I need to take into consideration is one of my other brothers, James, is likely going to join us. This will be his first 40k tournament attended, and the Harvester is great for that. Unfortunately most of his army, Necrons, is unbuilt and unpainted. He joined us a couple years ago for a kill-team campaign, but not much playing beyond that. 8th edition is great for beginners and people getting back into the hobby from a long hiatus. So I will be helping him assemble and paint some of his army.
I've already gotten started by making his monolith. I am not done, but this shows off the symbol he designed of his dynasty on the front. I made it out of plasticard. So it will look like an engraving, rather than painted on.
Some pictures I took of his painted models. He designed the color scheme himself, so when I paint his other things, I will try to match it.
James' Dynasty symbol, lead by Lord Ter'omenti.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Drukhari - Combat Drug Tokens

I have always had some plans to expand my current Dark Eldar force with some more traditional (not rats at least) Dark Eldar. I have some plans for them and more on that later. With everything we have been seeing about 8th edition 40k, I am getting more excited than ever to get back into the grimdark future. One thing is Dark Eldar (I like the new name, Drukhari) seem to have gotten a boost. It's a combination of changes to their army and just the new edition being much more friendly to their play style.
So I whipped these up in a night. It was nice because I didn't need to prime them, and I wanted to get started painting something simple before I moved onto bigger projects. These are combat drug tokens. The units with the combat drugs rules get to choose which drug they are taking at the start of the battle, but each one has to be different per unit. So making 6 tokens to remind myself which unit has which drugs seemed like a fun little project. I could just write the benefit (like +1s, +1a, +1ws, etc) on a scrap of paper to follow the units around, but I sort of fell in love with doing little hand painted things after making my display board plaque.

Following a similar process, here is how I made them. This would be good for just about any hand painted tokens you want to put on the battlefield.
First thing is I found the little symbols I need and printed them out on sticker label paper. Then I cut them out and stuck them on 32mm bases. The symbols I got from game-icons.net, which is an excellent source for this stuff. Check it out. The only one I didn't get from there is the Dark Eldar helmet, which I just got from Google images. I stuck them down on my surface using blue tack.
Next it's just as easy as painting the base colors inside/outside the lines. Trying to leave most of the black lines from the print in place. Here is also where I experimented on the colors I would use. Originally the lotus flower to the right I started painting in blue, but then I realized the drug was called Grave Lotus, so I opted for black instead.
This step is kind of subtle, but I went around the symbols with a lighter color, painting in a sort of splotchy pattern to highlight them over the background darker color.
Next I wanted the tokens to have a cool border because I knew I wasn't going to be able to paint a perfectly round border where it meets the black of the base. So I just did a black splotchy pattern around it to contain the symbols and colors.
I really like the black lines, so to preserve them I went back over the lines with a fine tip artist pen to redefine them.
Next I went with the lighter corresponding colors inside the symbols and painted them within their base colors so some of that is still showing through the edges. This brings them out against the background.
Finally I touched up with some final details and I am done! This is always a fun little project because it's easier than painting miniatures and you get more freedom with it. I would recommend doing something like it.

Now, can you guess which token represents which drug?

Friday, June 2, 2017

Blog Update - Broken Foot, Klad Barag Groinplate, and Crewman Bolt-tip

My foot is still broken, in a cast. It's been a few weeks so I can get around more, but I still need to take it easy. I may be able to get back to painting soon. Which is good because I am excited to get started on....
The Klad Barag is officially finished. His groin needed something, so I found the ideal bit from the Dwarf Blood Bowl team. It's the coin piece with the surrounding material shaved off. Think of it as a belt buckle. Dwarves like to wear those on there. Now that space isn't so bare. If you think it ridiculous that I bought an entire model kit for one bit, I did have future plans for them anyway, so it's a win-win for me.

Also a friend from accross the great pond did a small bits trade with me to get me another frigate spear tip for my crewman here from my last post:
Now that build is complete. I always get on edge when a project isn't finished and it is so close to being done so.

On a side note, I have not been living under a rock, Warhammer 40,000 8th edition looks very exciting! As you may know I was for the longest time primarily a 40k player, but with how bad the rules got in 7e, I was finding a much more fulfilling gaming experience in AoS. However 40k seems to be learning several good lessons from AoS, and becoming a solid system. My brother and I are excited to get a demo game or 2 in to get a feel for it. For those of you who came in for my AoS stuff, don't worry, I don't 'switch' games. I am definitely a poly-gamist (is that a word?)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Forthammer Clan Throng - Bolt Thrower WIP, and a blog update

With the completion of the Klad Barag, I have some extra parts, primarily the base mount from the Cannon kit, and the big guns from the Frigate kit. So why not combine them?
Bolt Thrower
Using the extra crew and other bits, I have created a magnetized bolt thrower/cannon for my Dispossessed army. The bolt thrower was the primary reason behind doing this because I like the look of its warscroll. Then I decided to magnetize it so I could also run it as a second cannon when I needed it.

The crew are obviously mostly the Frigate crew bits, but the heads are spares from the Hammerers kit. Very little of my army has their beards concealed because this isn't a Kharadron Overlords army afterall.

This is almost done, but I am missing a bit. I want one of the crewmen to look like he's holding another bolt. In order to do that I need the spear-tip from the Frigate kit to put on the end of the staff as shown.
I am having a hard time finding that bit, so if any of you just happened to have built the Arkanaut Frigate kit and are not using the heavy skyhook variant (even if you are just not using the tip alone) I would appreciate it if we could get in contact and perhaps make a trade. Comment below if you think we can work something out.

On a side note, I had an incident very recently where I broke my foot. I sometimes have to remember I am not 20 anymore and can't do the things I used to. So right now I am mostly couch-ridden until I get this thing healed, which will take several weeks. What does this mean for my hobby? Things will be slowing down. I can't go out and prime my models when I can barely stand, and I definitely won't be able to get much gaming in. Hopefully soon I will get this thing casted and on the path to healing so I can be a little more mobile, but until then not much is going to be happening for a while. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Klad Barag - Complete...almost

Construction of the massive Klad Barag is complete!
This model was quite an undertaking. With something it's size, you really do have to take it in steps. I started by completely doing the torso, then shoulders, then head, then legs, then arms and weapons. Some adjustments were to be made on the way, and some I was stuck with. However I am pleased with the final product and am looking forward to getting it painted.

However there is one part missing. I want to give it a front pelvis cover, but the part is in another kit which I am looking to get soon. When I get that on, it will be complete.
Carmine Dragon warscroll, reflavored to the Klad Barag. All rules are technically legal.
Now for the rules, I have been trying to figure out what model it will represent, and I think I have settled on Forgeworld's Carmine Dragon. It's a tall figure, which is about the same height as this, and the rules just represent how killy the thing will be in melee. It's ranged attack is fairly weak, however, and the Klad Barag is built to have some powerful weaponry, so I just reasoned that while his ranged weapons are powerful, they are fairly inaccurate.
Forgesworn Eternal Liberator for scale.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Klad Barag - Weapons WIP

What is a giant steam mech without some nasty weaponry? I have thought a lot about what model to use this counts-as in gameplay, because I while I do want to make this as a display centerpiece, I also would like to use it. After much deliberation, I have settled on either the Drakesworn Templar, or the Carmine Dragon. More on the warscrolls in the later post.

The first weapon of the Klad Barag's impressive armament are the rockets above its torso as seen here. That is the rocket battery.
This is the main battle cannon mounted on its right arm. Clip fed from the bottom, and a boiler in the back that propels the cannon round and can spray scalding hot steam on opponents at short range.
This massive steam hammer may look familiar, as it was designed after Lord Dunhill's own seen here. The idea is the weapon is swung, and on impact the hammer head shoots forward, increasing the force of impact. The face of this hammer is part of the Forthammer Clan symbol, so imagine a Bloodthirster with that imprinted on his crushed hide. hehehe...
This symbols is also used on the banner bearer.
A note on how the hammer is made, to give it some scale, the main round cylindrical part is made of 32mm bases, and the head is made from 40mm square bases (although narrowed a little to make it more rectangular). It's quite heavy with a lot of plasticard, bits, bases, and tubing used. I hope it doesn't mess with the balance of the whole model.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Klad Barag - Legs and Head WIP

Another progress report on the Klad Barag. This time the whole picture is really starting to come together.
Really all that's left are the arms, which in of itself is going to be a tall order. The plans I have for the limbs I really hope I am able to pull off.

Speaking of pulling off; the shoulder plates, head, and legs all separate from each other for ease of painting. They are just being held up there right now with Blu-tack.
This is all still just WIP. I have more touching up to do with the existing parts as well as finishing everything else.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Klad Barag - Torso WIP

Well there is no turning back now. I have no choice but to make this conversion project work. I have massacred the Frigate and Knight kits to a point to where they are no longer salvagable on their own. All in the name of making this ambitious (but potentially very cool) conversion happen.
Luckily things seem to be going well so far. I have completed all the bits and plasticard for the main torso. This is meant to sell the majority of the look of the project. My goal is to use as little of the Imperial Knight kit as possible so it doesn't look like it's supposed to be another 'counts-as knight' model. Especially with the armor plates. Those are what sell the look of the original knight, and I want this to be unique. Lucky for me the Arkanaut Frigate kit provides plenty of cool bits that will help sell the duardin look of this.
Of course the kit comes with the main hull in 2 parts, so I had to cut that up significantly to get the plating I need. I utilized most of the hull on the torso here alone, which means I will have to get creative for armor plating for the limbs and pelvis.

Also I have settled on a name for this contraption. The KLAD BARAG! It utilizes some original Khazalid words for "ironclad" and "war machine". A fitting title for this creation.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Song of Blades and Heroes Report

Just a few quick things. I demo'd the game of Song of Blades and Heroes with my friend from out of town. We both had a blast. It was a good experience for both of us, and he got a better idea of miniature wargaming in general.

I am absolutely kicking myself for not taking any pictures of the game, but I can at least give a quick summary of what happened. His Dwarfs entered the ruins and found out it was inhabited by a nasty warband of Nurgle worshippers lead by Lord Gagnus (or a variant of him). Dunhill's expedition had to make quick work of discovering any evidence of what happened in the town, and quickly found a chest full of important items and information. There were casualties on both sides, and they barely made it out alive from the inexorable advance of the followers of the Plague God.

Here are the warband rosters I used in this little adventure.
The strength of the Dwarfs here is some good shooting and heavy armor all around. Their weakness of course is their movement.
The strength of the followers of Nurgle is the common use of Poison and numbers, but weakness is varying degrees of quality.
Again, he had a great time, and was already talking about the next time we would be able to get together in the future, he could make his own warband from his own little D&D minis collection.

Speaking of getting people into the hobby, while I was making all my terrain, my daughter's eyes glowed while I built up the ruins, and since I had some leftover bricks. She decided to take a stab at terrain building.
With the advance of the dreaded Queen Miranda, lone hero Pedro Pony decides to take refuge in the tower!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

City Ruins Terrain

I completed several pieces of terrain in time for our game of Song of Blades and Heroes coming up tomorrow. I got the game mat from Frontline Gaming when they had a big sale going on. It was a decent price at the time, but an odd size of 30"x30". I guess it's used for a Warmachine/Hordes game format, but I knew it could be used for small skirmish games like this. The good thing is all this terrain I made was extremely cheap. Most of the stuff I needed I already had from past terrain projects.
First we take some 1/2" blue foam board (extruded polystyrene) and cut it into 1/2" wide strips. The board actually turned out to be a little thicker than 1/2", so these were not perfectly square, but as long as all your strips are cut 1/2" wide, you should be fine for creating ruins.
Next on the strips, you mark out 1" marks and cut them on those marks. This should create your little bricks. You will need a lot of them.
In making all the bricks, I realized they were cut too square and sharply, making for unrealistic ruins. So I started sanding off the edges of them, but gave up halfway through. It was a lot of work and I figured half of them helps sell the old look well enough.
Now we have all our little bricks done, you essentially have a bucket of Lego that you can use to build your structures.
I had spare pieces of MDF board that I initially bought for my Zone Mortalis project. They were not cut square enough for the tiles, but decent for this. I jigsawed out some shapes that seemed like they would work on the game mat, and sanded off the edges.
Using a hotglue gun because it's quick and easy, you start by laying out the base stones for your ruins. Then you build up from them, keeping in mind how things will look finished. It was hard not to try completing the walls and structures, instead make sure they end up looking dilapidated and ruined.
Here they are built up. At about 4 blocks high, I decided to add wood flooring to create other levels. I didn't do it on all of them, but some to create some dynamic terrain. I used popsicle sticks hotglued between some of the brick layers. Scraping along the grain of the sticks with a serrated knife, and generally breaking them off where they need to end in length helps sell the ruined look of them.
Last step before painting is gluing down sand. I did some on top of the bricks as well.
And lastly you paint and decorate.

For painting I just used cheap craft paints.
  • For the ground I base coated it with a medium gray, washed with black, and drybrushed in a forest green in a blotchy pattern.
  • For the stones and walls I based them with a dark grey and washed with black. Then I sponged a medium gray allover the bricks for texture. Finally I drybrushed a light gray especially around the edges.
  • The wooden floors were based with a chocolate brown, washed with black, then drybrushed with a light brown (almost tan).
  • Next I did some creeping vines using a very similar technique shown here (scroll down to Finishing Touches).
  • Once the vines are dry, I gave everything a coat of Mod Podge. After the Mod Podge dries, it had a slightly satin or glossy sheen, so I did a final coat of a spray on matte varnish.
  • Final step is hotglue on some cheap aquarium plants to create colorful vegetation.
    Thane Dunhill and his crew begin their expedition in the mysterious ruins. Ancestors know what dangers lurk therein.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Forthammer Clan Throng - Old Steamsuit and Runelord

I have a few extra minis for my Dwarfs that have been on my painting queue for quite some time. Well it took a little push to get them bumped to the top. I have a friend coming over this weekend, and he is an RPGer. We rolled together back in my RPG days. He knows I concentrate primarily on miniwargaming nowadays, so in order to help him better understand my hobby, I offered to run a demo game with him. Song of Blades and Heroes is the perfect game to intro people into the basics of miniature war gaming. It's fast, simple, and small scale. This video explains why better than I can.

So I am double timing it right now to get some fantasy terrain going (as I have none in my personal collection, more on that in a later post), and to get 2 warbands worth of minis ready for him. He wanted to try playing Dwarfs. For that I finished painting these 2 characters that I am proud to use in a SoBaH warband:
This is one of the renditions of Dunhill Forthammer. I showed this mini a few times a while and described it a little more here. Of course I have fascinations with the steamsuits, so this is one of the incarnations. I really should do a post about Dunhill's many different steamsuits. He's like Ironman constantly tinkering and adding more suits to his collection.
This is his daughter, Bree Dunsdottir. Again, I touched on her story a little more here. If there wasn't such a strict GW-only policy at the LVO, I would have had her painted and added to my army then. I love the look of this mini. It's my favorite female dwarf sculpt. She shows so much power, and in our SoBaH game, she will be an Enchanter, sort of a buff-mage.

As you can see, I painted them up to match the color scheme of the rest of my Duardin army in case I want to run them there too.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Censers & Tocsins - Rotbringer Sorcerer Finished (The Rotpope)

First of the characters is finished. This is the Rotpope, as denoted by his fancy hat. I wanted to go for a sort of 'mouth of Sauron' look with him, his eyes covered by his tall headgear. I also tried a few painting techniques to make his hat's cloth look moldy and rotting. I think it worked out pretty good.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Censers & Tocsins - Chaos Marauders of Nurgle Finished

Who says in order to be a follower of Nurgle you must be fat and grotesque? Who says you can't be jaundiced and get mad gains? Well pretty much any law of health, but I'm ignoring all that for these guys! The fitter side of Nurgle. They don't get swollen, they just get swole.
Top row, left to right: Marauder, Musician, Champion, Banner Bearer, Icon Bearer
This marks a majority of my Nurgle army finished painting. Now all that's left are the heroes and the catapult.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Censers & Tocsins - Chaos Warriors of Nurgle Finished

Another chunk of my Nurgle force is completed. Again, these are my chaos warriors with marks of nurgle. I used the starter set blood warriors as base, and as usual, a bunch of extra Putrid Blightking bits.
A couple things you may note, the shield carried by the champion (top middle on second picture) is a Liberator shield. Part of that was because I didn't have enough Blightking shields, but also I figured a little narrative opportunity. Normally when a Stormcast Eternal dies, their body and armor gets taken up back to Azyr. Somehow this warrior had scratched in the 3 circled of Nurgle in the Liberator's shield during their little duel, and when he finally vanquished his foe, the shield remained, as Nurgle's power had claimed it. He took this shield as a trophy and it gave him his status as champion of the unit. You will also notice the shield is painted in the same colors as my Forgesworn Eternals. No coincidence there.

The banner's logo was a conscious choice. I am thinking of proceeding with a piracy theme for these guys, maybe in the skies or high seas, not sure yet. So the rusted cutlass behind the logo of Nurgle will help fit that theme. This will also be reflected in the basing sometime in the future.

Next on my painting table are my Marauders.