Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Storm Trooper Boltguns (How I did it)

Last post I featured some storm troopers I made from the Tempestus Scions kit. While I could run Inquisitorial acolytes with hot-shot lasguns, I find giving them boltguns instead is a cheaper and even better option. However, putting boltguns (especially space marine boltguns, being the most common) on scion models doesn't always look right. They are oversised and the left hands are part of the lasgun bit. I found a simpler solution and it starts with using the stock of the hot-shot lasgun.
For starters cut off the parts that look too lasgun-y.
The red lines show where to cut. Note on this bit, there is a thumb from the left hand on the barrel. Make sure to cut around that.
The next part is optional. The canister in the back could be seen as an extension to the stock, but I think it looks more like a boltgun without it.
This required a little creative shaving to remove it from the stock and forearm.
With the old lasgun stock prepared, we move onto a real boltgun.
This is a spare boltgun from an old Tactical Squad kit. Some have hands already on the underside and grip, but the good thing about this conversion is you only need a few parts of this bit.
Cut along the parts shown in red. This will yield some really small bits so be sure to keep track of them.
The only parts we need from this bit are the magazine, muzzle, and pin that goes under the muzzle. This old boltgun stock can be reused. I have made it into a space marine shotgun of sorts for a friend who needed one for his scouts.
Now going back to the lasgun stock, attach the magazine below where the cable clip was.
After the muzzle and pin are added to the front of the stock, you now have a normal human sized boltgun with a cool scope on top.
It still fits in the scion arms. Pictured is one of the rest of the acolytes I made for my inquisitorial retinue. More on them later. Don't forget to drill out the muzzle once the glue is dried. I did that after taking this picture.

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