Thursday, August 13, 2015

Forgesworn Eternals - Liberators and Retributors (WIP)

I finishes up more of my Forgesworn Eternals stormhost. This time I have the Retributors and the rest of the Liberators built. These are all minis from the box set and not the new kits, but I wanted the options from the new kits, so this is where some creative conversion work went in.

For the Retributors, I bought an extra set of 3 from the box set online so I could come out to 5, this way I could get an awesome Starsoul Mace. But since I didn't have the proper Starsoul Mace bit, I built my own dwarfy version.
I really like the way these guys turned out. While most of my minis I try to fit on smaller bases, these guys are just barely too big for 32mm, so I had to stick with their 40mm. Retributors also have those reliquaries on their backs, so I found I had several of these banner bits available from previous dwarf kits that look fitting enough, even the wings come out and accent the Retributor's heads.
This shot just shows them individually and their posing. I wanted different poses because only 3 minis repeated gets old. The one on the far left is a unique pose, then of course there's my counts-as starsoul mace on the 2nd from the right. What's really cool about these guys is because they are so big, the metal beards on their heads fit inside the armour instead of outside like on my liberators.
I wanted a majority of my liberators to stick with the hammer and shields because I like that build. But again 1 in every 5 can carry a grandhammer. In this case I used parts from the extra retributor I had and extra liberator to help fill this in. So above is a full squad of 10 (including the one I built and painted previously) with 2 grandhammers. Again they are on 32mm bases, and I had to do some cutting and reposing to get some variety with them. The liberator prime in the front I am pretty proud of. I knew I wanted him to hold his hammer high, but what to do with the other arm was a conundrum. There were not any spare hands or hands not holding anything in the box set, so I dug through my bits and found the perfect part. A Grey Knight Paladin left hand holding a severed daemon head. It just fits.

These guys plus my Lord-celestant will be the majority of my Forgesworn Eternals that fight alongside my Duardin, but I may not get around to painting them for a while. In October I have to prepare my Tau for a tournament, and on top of that our family is moving to another city, so that will be cutting into hobby time.

liberator conversion
retributor conversion
paladin conversion
stormcast eternals conversion
age of sigmar conversion

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