Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Zone Mortalis Tiles Project, the first castings.

As a wise someone on the internet once said: "If you are not building dollhouses for your little plastic men, then you are missing half of the hobby."
These are the first experimental castings I did of some Hirst Arts Molds I am doing for a Zone Mortalis tiles project. This is going to be a long process as I need to cast a lot of bits to get a working board. So all these bits are pretty brittle because I am using cheap plaster, so not worthy for wargaming. But I will be experimenting with different mediums soon. All these bits pictured are just dry fitted. I haven't glued anything. I just started playing with them like Lego to see what kind of interior I could be looking at with the molds I bought. I gotta say, I am pretty stoked about this project.

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