Friday, December 18, 2015

Forgesworn Eternals - Prosecutors

I got around to working on my Forgesworn Eternals again. This time finally getting to the Prosecutors.

A list of things I did in the conversions:
  • Removed ribbons that held them up. Was never a fan of the loosely hanging ribbons
  • Replaced the hammer heads with dwarven axe heads from the Longbeards kit
  • Shortened the wingspans, but beefed them up with some spare shields and axe heads.
  • Put dragon head thing on backs, to act as secondary thrusters.
  • Replaced heads with Irondrake heads, and stuck axe heads on their crests for aesthetic.
Shortening the wingspan I am especially proud of. It reduces their footprint out of the COMPLETELY UNWIELDY zone and into 'workable' while still keeping the angelic winged look. Having a smaller wingspan also makes them a bit easier to transport.

I am working on the sixth and final prosecutor, but I am waiting on the axe head bits for his hand weapons to come in the mail. These are all made from just the starter set prosecutors.

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