Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cities of Death - Updated!

Coming in the summer, I plan on running a 40k campaign. This being a continuation of a kill-team campaign I ran a little over a year ago. I will be posting here the chronicles of this coming campaign and details of how I am doing it.

First off I am presenting my own little simplified rules expansion for Cities of Death. Our campaign is map-based using the planetary empires tiles.. When a battle is fought over a tile, and that tile has a city/ruins feature, the players are to use the cities of death rules. The old cities of death book is sorely outdated (being made clear back in 5th edition - I think) and can be complex. So these are my simplified rules.

Keep in mind this document is made in the context of a campaign, so there are a few odd elements added in there, and for the same of simplification, some things are removed.

I am open to feedback and critique and willing to answer questions about it. Feel free to comment below or email me directly.

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