Monday, April 6, 2015

Grand Inquisitorial Retinue - Acolytes (The Penitent)

Now for the models that will be the most numerous in my army. I already talked about the acolytes in this post. These guys are more of them, but with flak armour instead of carapace. I call them The Penitent.

Their story is they are wash outs or drop outs of the Schola Progenium. Those that couldn't make the cut and become real Tempestus Scions. They are now seeking a second chance. They find it under the Inquisition. While most inquisitors want the best of the best, they find a certain drive and determination from these individuals, and ideal for expendables. Many of these Penitent will do anything to redeem themselves, asking only a second chance.
The basis for these minis are warzone minis. Again, I have used this deal for a lot of my conversions in this army, and it is one hell of a deal.
First off are the assault troopers. 4 pts for an acolyte in flak armour, chainsword, and las pistol. These are the cheapest models in my entire army. They provide ablative wounds and plenty of attacks. This unit will be supported with an inquisitor to provide stubborn, and a ministorum priests to make them absolute beasts in combat.
These are the bolt troopers. 5 pts for an acolyte with boltgun, las pistol, and flak armour. They are distributed throughout various units. One is acting as a sergeant for a squad, with the upturned hat and melta bomb. My goal is every unit in this army will have at least one melta bomb. Each and every single acolyte is capable of taking a melta bomb, but that would be overkill.
Sticking with the plasma spam theme of my army, these are the same acolytes, but I give them all plasma guns and carapace armour for added survivability for when they inevitably injure themselves from overheating.18 pts each.
A couple odd ones in the mix, mostly to even out points. These guys are carrying storm bolters. 7 pts for an acolyte with storm bolter, flak armour, and las pistol.

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