Monday, June 8, 2015

XV86 Response Suit (How I did it - Part 1)

This is a conversion guide for making my XV86 Response Suits. I love converting and kitbashing XV8 suits, so this has a lot of similar steps to my XV9 Hazard Suit conversion I did. Again, these can be used as count-as XV8 Crisis Suits or their own custom rules.
The following kits contributed to this conversion:
For the most part this conversion uses the XV8. The main parts needed from the XV88 is the legs and pelvis assembly, and most bits resellers sell just that together, which is convenient.
Like my last battlesuit conversion, we will start with the torso, namely the back thruster unit.
We will start by removing the thruster assemblies.
We will get back to these bits later.
Next is the middle part of the torso.
We are going to remove the thruster assemblies from this, but leave the vents at the top. A similar cutting is made with the XV9's I did.
Separate the bottom off the piece you just cut out like so.
We will returning to all of these parts.
Finally the front part of the torso.
We start by removing the old pelvis area.
The old pelvis we will not be using in this article unlike with the XV9.
Going back to the central area of the torso, we remove the pelvis parts from that too.
Your center torso piece should look like so.
Now glue together the torso. Again this should be a torso without the thruster assemblies, but the intakes still intact, and the pelvis removed.
More steps to come in part 2.

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