Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Coven of Verminlord Skrax - WIP Venoms

These are my take on the venoms that the wracks will be tooling around in. They were inspired a little by that blog article I linked, but I wanted them to be made partially out of real venom kits, so they can be easily recognized by other players, but looted. I had to draw a fine line between Orky looting and ratmen looting. The way I saw it is these creatures actually have an understanding how the technology works and care about performance, rather than cobble a bunch of junk to it and hope it works. So these 3 venoms were wrecked from a previous battle and the Haemonculus Sigcourax had his smartened rats try to get them working.
Some of the lighter bits are from various Mantic kits that I got from bits sites, parts that I figured could look good. Luckily I was right. The pilots I am especially proud of. They are the little brain-rats that mount of the backs of the Skaven Stormfiends. When I got a stormfiend kit, I found they were a perfect fit and looked the part inside the cockpits. The smaller large-brained rats would have heightened reflexes and know-how to operate the advanced flight craft that are Dark Eldar vehicles. The flags are from the Clanrats kit, and of course the weapons are true Dark Eldar splinter cannons.

A quick note on the flying bases. I found this youtube video, and fell in love with the idea. I have always hated the flimsy flying stands for the vehicles, and these are really tough. I have since done this flying stand method on all my Tau vehicles as well.


  1. They look pretty special, well done. Love your Dark Skaven!

    1. Thanks man. Stay tuned. I will be getting shots of everything painted as this is the army I am bringing to a tournament this october.