Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Coven of Verminlord Skrax - WIP Wracks

I will do a small series of blog posts detailing the idea and contents of my Dark Eldar(Haemonculus Covens) army I want to get done this year.

First off I will talk briefly about what got this all started. Simply it was this. An amazing blog, by the way, I highly recommend everyone follow it. It's a Finnish(I think) gaming club and they always have exquisite photos taken of all their armies and events. Inspirational stuff.

The post I linked in particular was a project where they tried making 40k armies out of Mantic Games kits. Scrolling down you can see that they made the Veer'myn into a small Dark Eldar force. So I blatantly stole the idea and rolled with it, trying to put my own twist on things.

The idea I am going with mine is a Haemonculus gets stranded on a deserted imperial world, left by a rival Haemonculus. This stranded, Sigcourax, begins to go crazy from the isolation, and works to build his own coven from scratch. Lacking cloning or vat technology, he had to find another source of servants. He began to mutate and uplift the native rats. Soon he has built his coven out of the rats, and plots his revenge on the Haemonculus Covens that abandoned him.
First off I will show the Wracks. I did these in just about the same way as the Warhead blog. I really liked the menacing look of the canisters on their heads and the electrowhips. WYSIWYG is very important to me, for ranged weapons at least, so a few of them you can see have actual Dark Elf liquifier gun bits. For all shooting weapons, and some melee weapons, this army will be using original Dark Elf bits. I want them to definitely fit the part of looking sinister as the Dark Eldar.
This is another unit of Wracks I made out of Mantic Skittersneak Stealers Dreadball team. I used all the masked heads I had. I just love the dynamic action posing of these guys. I did the electrowhips to keep with the theme of the rest of the wracks.

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