Saturday, September 24, 2016

Verminlord Skrax' Lair - Display Board Finished

And now the finale, the display board of my Dark Eldar Haemonculus Covens army I will be taking to the Harvester of Souls.
The green pool was made using Water Effects. It took several pours and sets to get to the depth that I needed. All the grimy floor is made with a mix of sand and Spackle.
The big red Skrax symbol was done by making a stencil and sponging it on, to create that weathered look. A lot of the painting on this board was done using sponging. Dripping water and stains were done using GW washes.
You will recognize a lot of the bits up top as miscasts from my Zone Mortalis project. The top layer is the surface of the world, where the ruins of an imperial manufactorum remain, and the lower part is the vast toxic sewer system underneath.
Now for some shots of it all together.
You may notice all the small rats scattered about. They are a mix of rats miniatures from Reaper and Mantic.
The Verminlord delivers a sermon to his huddled masses.
I am pretty proud of the title plaque on the bottom. I will do a how-I-did-it guide for it later.
I am so excited to take this to Spokane and show it off.

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