Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Year Goals

Here are my goals for the new year. I really hope this year will be just as productive as the last.

These are goals that I must get done this year.
  • Finish my AoS LVO army. This includes finishing the basing and creating storage trays for carry-on luggage. If there is room, perhaps create a simple display board. This needs to be done before the end of January.
  • Tau Suit Spam for the Harvester. Our yearly trip to the Harvester will so far happen again, but I can feel the call of my Tau. So far I have an idea of a list idea that is very suit heavy, something I have always wanted to be able to run. Thanks to the formation in this latest edition, I can do it. This of course assuming the rumored 8th edition doesn't shake things up too much (which I am honestly hoping it does). For my list some new suits will need to be built, and some existing models painted.
  • Heavy Gear Blitz! I really want to get a chance to play this game, so my goal is to get some of my new shiny plastic minis assembled and painted. So I can finally play one of my most beloved game franchises.
Things I would like to get done before the year's end, but generally only to break the monotony of the Hard Goals.
  • Deadzone Forge Fathers. Keen observers will notice in my last post that my Forge Father minis were on the painting handle-pots in my deadzone minis photo. I have been anxious to get them on the painting table since I built them, but the Covens and LVO armies have been taking priority.
  • Dark Eldar Space Pirates. I have a lofty idea in mind for a Codex: Dark Eldar army to run alongside my Verminlord Skrax. The idea is going full space pirate theme with them doing some converting. I will talk about my plans in a later post.
  • More Deadzone armies. These are great scifi minis I could use for Deadzone or other scifi skirmish games. Primarily I like the Plague and Enforcer minis. My Reaper BONES scifi minis could use some paint on them as well.

Things that will most likely not get done before the year's end, but maybe depending on how the moods strike me.
  • Paint my Gorkamorka armies.
  • Build and paint more of my AoS Nurgle army.
  • Paint some of my fantasy Reaper BONES minis for Song of Blades and Heroes.

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