Friday, January 20, 2017

LVO Army - Completely based and ready!

And that's it! My whole army is completely ready. I am so excited to take this there and play some games!
Lord Dunhill Behrunsson, Lord of the Forthammer Clan Throng. Warden King in Steamsuit
Drake Dunsson (master cogsmith), Norri Behrunsson (battle standard bearer), and the Unforged
Organ Gun
Lord-Celestant Hanzbur Anvilhelm, Lord of the Anvilhelms host, of the Forgesworn Eternals
Lord-Relictor Volstrad Runeseer, and Knight-Questor Quillon Stoneshield
If any of you are attending the LVO for whatever, please swing by and say hi. I will be participating in the AoS grand tournament on Saturday and Sunday only, let me know you follow my blog, I would really appreciate it!

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