Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Coming plans and getting ready for the Harvester

The date for the Harvester of Souls 40k GT has been officially announced, and it's coming a little early this year. Meaning I don't have as much time as I originally thought to get an army ready for it. Thus I have to put any AoS painting on the back-burner for now.

That also means my original plans for a 40k army may change. I was going to expand my Haemonculus Covens army with some space pirates themed Drukhari. But with as much buying, building and painting I need for that plan, I may not have enough time. So I am going to default to my Tau, of which I have most of it painted already.

The other thing I need to take into consideration is one of my other brothers, James, is likely going to join us. This will be his first 40k tournament attended, and the Harvester is great for that. Unfortunately most of his army, Necrons, is unbuilt and unpainted. He joined us a couple years ago for a kill-team campaign, but not much playing beyond that. 8th edition is great for beginners and people getting back into the hobby from a long hiatus. So I will be helping him assemble and paint some of his army.
I've already gotten started by making his monolith. I am not done, but this shows off the symbol he designed of his dynasty on the front. I made it out of plasticard. So it will look like an engraving, rather than painted on.
Some pictures I took of his painted models. He designed the color scheme himself, so when I paint his other things, I will try to match it.
James' Dynasty symbol, lead by Lord Ter'omenti.

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