Monday, July 3, 2017

Harvester Preparation - Necrons and Tau Commander

I've been working on 3 total models since my last post. Starting off with my brother's (James) Necrons.
I saw a really cool idea for a cryptek. You can imagine this guy's tendril getting him around the tombs. I think the final result turned out, and will really come together when painted.
The monolith I wanted to build to where it definitely looked like a monolith, but different enough to set it apart. So I made some extra plates with paneling (out of plasticard) for each of the corners and built the parts a little different. I think this thing will definitely sell the look when it's painted.
This is going to be one of the commanders for my Tau army. I have always toyed around with the idea of a battlesuit ethereal.. With my Sept, and teasers for the new T'au fluff in 8e, I wanted an Empire friendly sept that has to adapt to a unique circumstance. I will touch more on that later, the story of the Fi'rios sept since the fate of the 4th sphere expansion. For now, this may be Aun'mei. She suffered a fatal accident in a previous battle, and she needs to live on life support. Luckily she can do that while inside a battlesuit so she can continue to have a battlefield presence. Above is a configuration I am planning for the harvester (3 missile pods and a velocity tracker), but this thing is magnetized, so...
I can do the coldstar commander configuration if I wanted to. Some of my fingers got in this shot because I didn't have her based yet and my hand had to hold the stand up while I took the shots.
Some eary concept art my brother, Jarom, did for a battlesuit Ethereal. This helped inspire the project above.

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