Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Harvester Preparation - Tau Painting

I haven't had much to show off the past couple weeks because I have been working entirely on getting the following painted:
I had built this back when the Ghostkeel model first came out. I liked the look of a larger stealth suit, so I wanted to give one a go. Again, not being satisfied with regular posing, I tried to build the kit in a very dynamic run-n-gun action pose. I also wanted to make sure the preserve the ability to open the cockpit. The head is actually the bare head from the Shadowsun kit. I wanted a female to be piloting this suit. It just seemed to fit. Haven't thought of a name or story for her yet.
My counts-as Technical Drones from Forgeworld are painted. Again with drones, using 32mm bases and wire rods is a significant improvement over the brittle clear plastic GW flying bases. The main drone bodies are from the Hammerhead SMS sponsons, and some other drone bits. I decided that little mechanical arms for repairs fit the technical drone better, so these are from some Adeptus Mechanicus bits I got from a bits site, I can't remember which kit they go to.
Ethereal Commander Aun'Mei is complete. I am proud of the way this one turned out. I hope it conveys the Ethereal inside (with the blue and tan and tall hat), as well as the Honor Blade. Of course the model itself is not considered to have an honor blade, it's mostly there for aesthetics. Here it is in the Coldstar Battlesuit configuration, which is likely what I am going to run at the Harvester. The Coldstar is a fun model. It has a 20" movement, with the ability to double that for an advance move. I played a game against my brother's Necrons, dropped her down on one far side of the table, then on the next turn, ended up completely on the other side to contest an objective. That's what the Coldstar is for, to get a model to where you need it FAST.
My tacticool fusion suits are completed as well, painted normally in the pattern of the rest of my battlesuits. The main difference is on all my other Crisis suits, they are completely magnetized, but here the guns are set, because of how they are held and converted. But I'm not worried. I have plenty of other magnetized crisis suits already, and the Sunforge configuration (2x fusion blasters) is a weapon set I don't see going out of style this edition, or even the next ones.

These combined with some of my existing painted Tau, I have the current iteration of the army I plan to bring to the Harvester, unless through playtesting I swap a few things out. We will see though. But with this done, all I need to do is create my display board, base these new minis, and finish painting my brother's Necrons.

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