Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Legions of the Netherforge - Warstrider with Voltamaton

For now, this is the final addition to my Netherforge army, at least on new type units.
This is a new hero type unit, the Warstrider with Voltamaton, which is quite simply a Warstrider with a Voltamaton riding atop it, sort of a monster hero option for the Netherforge. I did some obvious modifications to the Warstrider by giving it some noticeable electric gadgets to facilitate the Voltamaton that's buffing it.

For now, I have no plans to print anything additional for this army, as I will be concentrating on getting a few more playtests in and finishing up the battletome, which is coming along really well.


  1. That’s quite a cool alternative Dreadnought.

    1. I guess it could be used as the newer primaris dreadnought, it's about that size, but it would be a little too proxy for my taste.