Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Inquisitorial Ministorum Priest

An inquisitor lord is not without his retinue. First up in that is his 2nd in command, Father Trubald:

Elias Trubador was a member of a highborn family on Finnis III, an Agri World. He enjoyed all the common luxuries of the resource rich world's ruling family well into his late teens. He was even in the process of courting a young woman in another highborn family.

But before things could develop further, it was revealed that the seeds of chaos were growing on this world for quite some time, and had created one of the most widespread secret cults on a planetary scale in imperial history. When the inquisition came to deal with it, they found that even his family was one of the perpetrators. The corruption of this slaaneshi occult was rooted too deep in the world's population to only find and kill the wicked. Instead the whole planet was declared exterminatus. Few were taken from it in time as they were determined clean through psyker probing.

Elias was one of them. He was sent to be trained by the Ecclesiarchy as a ministorum priest as penance for his family's sins. Instead of blaming the Imperium on his loss, he focused his efforts on his new calling, shaving his head as a symbol of his devotion and giving himself a new name, Father Elias Trubald.

Lord Volkwin met him while he was in his 50s and was impressed with his piety and devotion. He recruited him as his first acolyte, and the two worked together for many years.

He has a locked relic box hanging from his belt at all times. It never leaves his side. He has never been seen opening it, and by the rusting on the lock, it appears as though he has never opened it himself for many decades. He remains tight lipped about it, and not even Lord Volkwin knows of its contents.

Father Trubald is primarily the contact for the rest of Lord Volkwin's Acolytes. He speaks with a raspy voice, as though he has been yelling his entire life.

“Both blessed crop and vile weeds can find purchase in fertile soil.”

He is a ministorum priest with bolt pistol and power sword (41 points). The parts used are pretty varied. The body and legs are from Wargame's Factory's Greatcoat Troopers. The head is from an Empire Flagellants kit (I wanted a fanatic screaming head). The arms and sword are from the Tempestus Scios kit, and extra bits are from other random sources. I've been raiding Inquisition medallions for all my acolytes from Grey Knight kits. I carved the sword sheathe from a Tempestus Scion holstered hot-shot lasgun bit. It was my first attempt at making something like that and I think it turned out well.

This is one of the things I really love about building and collecting Inquisition, there is no single 'official' look for something. With all the many different artworks available, it leaves a lot open to creative liberty. And you will see more of that with my next acolytes. Next is Emorra, the Death Cult Assassin.

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