Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Inquisitorial Death Cult Assassins

Continuing Lord Volkwin's inquisitorial retinue, is the beautiful deadly assassin: Emorra.

Lord Volkwin and Trubald went to investigate the strange assassinations of several Ecclesiarchy members on the shrine world Corin. In their investigations they discovered a death cult. Instead of a heretical one they were expecting, they found this one was actually fanatically devoted to the Emperor, and claim their targets were “wavering” in their faith. Volkwin did notice signs of greed in those assassinated and even some minor hedonism. While these sins are normally met with minor punishments, not death, Volkwin couldn’t help but be impressed by their foresight. Unfortunately the cult leader rejected Volkwin’s authority and they tried to battle him and Trubald. Except one did not. She saw the truth and sided with the inquisitor. She even personally killed the cult leader. She had nothing left on the world and Volkwin recruited her to be his 2nd acolyte. She serves him faithfully to this day.

She rarely speaks, but when she does it is only in whispers.
I can't claim originality on this conversion. I saw it done somewhere before, but I just wanted to do it myself. It worked so well I made more of them, to be her 'new sisters'. Very simply I just made Dark Eldar Wyches into death cult assassins. Dark Eldar weapons are too alien, so I replaced the swords with normal looking ones I found in my bits. I also shaved her head and un-pointed her ears to make them human. Still an exotic look without looking too elvish.
Her 'new sisters' are pretty much the same conversion type. I just left the ponytail on one, removed the spiky bit from the end, and gave it an imperial skull.

Next up on Lord Volkwin's retinue is Hagar the Devout, the crusader.

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