Monday, March 23, 2015

Grand Inquisitorial Retinue - Psyker

One thing that surprises me about the Inquisition codex army I am making, is the amount of psyker power I can bring. Outside of Chaos Daemons and Grey Knights, I can command quite a few psychic power dice each turn. Henchmen squads can bring cheap psykers. For 15 points each I get another roll on a table I need and another power point each turn.

My list includes 6 henchmen squads. With the ability to add one psyker to each squad can make your list very dynamic. With the lists four inquisitors (each being psykers themselves), I built a henchmen psyker to fill one of the gaps.
Like a lot of my inquisitorial conversions, this one is made from a hodgepodge of different parts. The torso and legs are from an old warzone mini, shoulder is from the Space Marine Terminators, arms and other accessories are from the Tempestus Scions.

This guy was originally built to be an inquisitor, but I made different ones in favor of different wargear and heavier armour. He may be dressed a bit much for a cheap 15 pts cost, but you may consider sanctioned psykers under an inquisitor's care to be well cared for.

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