Sunday, March 15, 2015

Decorated Miniatures Case (How I did it)

This will be a simple little article detailing a quick and easy way I discovered to making a decorative miniatures case. A lot of time you can get Plano gun cases with pluck foam that hold minis just fine and at an affordable price. If you want to add a bit of flair to those plain black cases, read on.
This is a minis case I got from the Reaper BONES kickstarter.
To start off I put a layer of thick painter's tape on the area I wish to decorate. Then I drew (pencil, pen, marker, it doesn't matter) an outline square showing the boundaries for the emblem I will be making. I wanted things to be fairly centered in the face of the case.
Next using whatever methods you know (be it freehand, rulers, etc) draw the design you want on the case. Make sure it is clear to you the outline you are final with. As you can see I did the initial drawings and areas with pencil, and went over the final markings with marker to easily distinguish them without having to go through and erase the pencil.
Using a hobby knife, I cut out the area I wanted to be painted. Think of this as making a stencil, but because it is already taped to the case you don't have to worry about any free floating pieces or transferring it over.
Prepare the area around the case for painting. I am using spray paints because I wanted a nice even coating without brush strokes. Since spray paints spread, I made sure to cover any area I didn't want any to get on.
Simply paint the area, and when it's dry remove all the tape. Easy.

I can totally see this method being repeated for additional details with other colors. I also spray coated dullcoat just to give it some extra protection against wear.

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