Friday, July 17, 2015

Forgesworn Eternals - Liberator test model

I have a few of the Stormcast Eternal models from the Age of Sigmar box set. I have a theme in mind for my own Stormhost.

In our Konomancer setting, there exists a human nation that have sworn their allegiance to the Dwarf kingdoms. This was because of some favor performed so long ago. This nation was known as the Forgesworn.

I plan to recreate them in some way for my Age of Sigmar army. So I thought of a stormhost made specifically by Grungni himself. Made with the sole purpose of protecting and reclaiming the duarden holds and lands. They are the:

Forgesworn Eternals

This is the free model that came with White Dwarf 75. The conversions are simple. Mainly I put him on a 32mm base instead of the 40mm he comes with. In a game where bases don't matter, you don't want them getting in the way. The head is from the Irondrakes kit. I scraped off the lightning bolts that emanate from the hammer on the shield. I have painting plans there. Also the runes on the ribbons are filled in with liquid greenstuff so I can draw dwarf runes over top of them, to show they were endowed by Grungni himself.

I will get more lore written out for these guys as I get more of the models done. Just wait until you see what plans I have for the Lord-Celestant.

liberator conversion
stormcast eternals conversion
age of sigmar conversion


  1. Holy crap, this headswap is the best, hands down. I love it, and stylistically it really works, kudos. Can't wait to see these guys take shape!

  2. Also, I wish I had thought to put them on slightly smaller bases. Grrr.

    1. Thanks Mik. These guys are my passion project right now. I'm working on an elaborate conversion for the lord-celestant on mount. And yeah the big bases are totally unnecessary. I had to order the 32mm bases from my lgs.