Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Forgesworn Eternals - Lord-Celestant on Dire Bear (Work In Progress)

So this guy is coming along. The bear head position is finalized and the great greenstuffing fur project has begun. This is a long process because I sculpt a patch of fur, then I need to let it set before I can move onto another patch. Sure I can be doing other patches on other parts, but even then I am having to wait several hours for soft areas to harden before I can continue the fur in that area. This is mainly because the way I hold the mini I don't want my fingers resting on soft spots while I sculpt new areas.

Anyway I am super stoked how this guys will turn out. I have found the name for him too: Storbjorn. Which according to google translate, it's Norwegian for 'big bear' kinda. Close enough for me.

stormcast eternals conversion
age of sigmar conversion
lord-celestant conversion

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