Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Coven of Verminlord Skrax - WIP Haemonculus w/ Webway Portal

The last bits of my Haemonculus Covens army are the haemonculi. There will be 3 of them because one is needed for the Dark Artisan formation (which will be my warlord, Verminlord Skrax) and the 2 needed for the Covenite Coterie detachment. When Signourax was evolving the rats on the world he was stranded on, some turned into monstrous creatures, and others became smarter and more creative. Some of these became his assistants and lieutenants. This is Warplord Tich, and the large coil on his back represents him carrying a Webway Portal. This is the same coil on the backs of the grotesques. Sigcourax does not have the technology for the webway, so he and his rat assistants have developed a simple form of teleportation.
The base model is a Mantic Veer'myn hero model (forgot what it was called). The conversions are the coil on its back, and replacing the large drill with a warpstone piece from some Skaven bits I ordered (this one in particular is a Warp Lightning gun from the Doomwheel kit). And of course a Dark Eldar splinter pistol on its other arm. Finally the head is one of the brain-rats from the Stormfiends kit. The smarter rats are the smaller ones, hence the pilots of their vehicles, and since this one needs to be in the front lines to escort the grotesques, Sigcourax created for him an augmented body suit.

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