Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Zone Mortalis Tiles Project - 16 down, 2 to go

Here is my completed 4x4 Zone Mortalis board. I just now have to get started soon on the insurmountable task of painting it all.

The last tile I made has this pit in it, and this will be for several uses.
Just a pit, to restrict movement, but not block LoS. The control panels on the corners can be used to call an elevator if the scenario demands it.
The pit can also house an objective or asset depending on your narrative or scenario. I have my Riptide in here to show scale, but the true reason for this pit will be revealed in a later post.
I built this spire specifically for the pit, and it is meant to have control panels on it. This could be an objective or just something to provide cover in an otherwise LoS-free tile. If this is to be an objective, I would rule that a model's base needs to be touching it to activate/control. The reason for this is the control panels on the corners of the pit....
...are used to extend the walkways to get to the objective. Or these could already be there for ease.
And I did say I would be done when I made 16 tiles, but I lied. I realized when I got these 16 done, that if I made just 2 more, then I could still do either a single 4x4 table, or I could do two 3x3 tables, which is something that would be ideal if I ran some sort of event or campaign. So I have laid out plans for 2 more unique tiles, because I already have 2 of each Forgeworld tile designes. These 2 new ones will be different and add some variety to my tiles.

When all these tiles are painted, I will do a little featurette on the details and designs of each tile.

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