Saturday, March 19, 2016

Verminlord Skrax's Lair - Display Board

With my custom army project I have going on, it definitely needs a unique display board to convey what I am trying to achieve with this army. Verminlord Skrax runs his whole operation on a dead imperial world. First initial ideas were in a set of ruins and my initial sketches for a display board were pretty standard. A square board, with a backing, maybe a 1" level on it, some machinery in the background, etc. It was frankly pretty standard.

Then my brother, Jarom, sketched up an idea which got me really excited. A cutaway of a sewer system. Mainly a large sewer pipe that runs into the underground and that's where his lair is. I wondered how to do it, but he suggested a big 5 gallon bucket cut in half. So after some discussion we came up with this sketch:
The idea is a cutaway of a large sewer system you would find on an imperial world. So there is one giant pipe running deep, and 2 smaller pipes going out from it. With a lot of dirt and grime accumulation over years, it will be filled with dirt that will make up the ground of the system. Some other smaller pipes are draining into it as well. Also I liked the idea of the Venoms hovering in the pipeway instead of on their normal flying bases. But that will depend on how cramped things are.
So I cut out what i needed and got a basic idea of the shaping of it all. The bucket is one of those orange home depot buckets. Instead of cutting it completely in half, I kept the bottom intact so I have a more stable platform to mount everything. Then I have the 2 pipe holes on the sides. Those 2 pipes are made from a smaller bucket, which is actually one of those underground sprinkler valve boxes.
I cut down the foam core and glued the bucket down using gorilla glue and some of my 'heavier' books from my collection. I am really glad I kept the bottom of the bucket on for this.
Here it is glued down. The side pipes are checked again for fit. Now to get them glued to the foam and bucket.

I really think this is going to turn out to be something cool when it is all built and painted.

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