Saturday, November 5, 2016

Forthammer Clan Throng - Irondrakes WIP

Part of the range firepower for my Duardin are the Irondrakes. I think this may be my favorite Duardin warscroll. Their weapon is formidable and they are tough (ignoring rend -1).
Second from the right is the Icon Bearer.
Far left is the Ironwarden (unit leader). I gave him the trollhammer torpedo weapon, but I went with a different style. I used leftover bits from the Cannon kit so it appears that he has a shoulder-cannon, shooting large shells. The gun barrel is a little bigger than the Drakegun barrel, coming from the Gyrocopter kit. Inside is one of the Cannon shells, he is holding another in his hand, and slung on his back is a rack holding 2 more. To his right is the drummer (opting that type of musician over the derpy looking horn/gun), then one toting the keg. It has no game effect, but he will be the one that refuels the unit.

I wanted to go with a unique pose for Irondrakes. Instead of having their guns slung in front of them, I wanted to go with a shoulder mount type pose. Just cutting the gun bits up and rearranging them creates this effect. This freed their left hands to hold things, like melee weapons or other bits, to give the unit some personality. One thing you may notice is the heads. These are normally used for the Ironbreaker variant, as the Irondrake heads are beardless. However all my Forgesworn Eternals use Irondrake heads, so I wanted these guys to look different enough from them. Besides I like it when a Dwarf shows off his glorious beard.


  1. They look like Squat Devastators! Lol. Good job.

    1. Haha I'm getting that comment a lot elsewhere too.