Monday, February 20, 2017

Censers & Tocsins - Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount WIP

This is Dipteras the Flyborn on Gorebeast. He is my Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount with Mark of Nurgle. He is a lord on his path to glory to gain Nurgle's favor.

I got the idea for this when I saw the gorebeast bits for sale (just the beast, not the chariot or horses). I knew I could do something with it, particularly giving it a rider. Again made with more putrid blightking bits, and even some spare Stormcast Eternal bits. His hammer is from an Ogors kit.

With the gorebeast I opted to not put on the helmet, because I like the look of the original head, and I removed the big spikes. I hollowed out the spike casings and gave it those 2 tentacles. The tentacles are actually the unused Dracoth tails from my previous 2 Dracoth conversions (I did a tentacle tail on my Harbinger of Decay, and my Lord-Celestant is riding a bear, which doesn't really have a tail). Then I sculpted the suction cups on. When I paint them, they will definitely have a slimy glossy look.

This is all for now of this small Nurgle force. I need to make just one more thing to reach that 1000 points sweet spot, and that will be some Chaos Marauders with Mark of Nurgle. More on that another day when I get the parts.

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