Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Censers & Tocsins - Rotbringers Sorcerer WIP

I caught the conversion bug again recently and decided to take a crack at an older project. I started this Nurgle army wanting to branch away from Order. Well back then I had purchase some other spare bits with a few visions in mind for some other nurgle characters, and I still had some useful Putrid Blightkings bits leftover (such a great kit with all the spare bits).
This is my Rotbringers Sorcerer kitbash. The base model is the Khorne Bloodbound Slaughterpriest with Hackblade that came free in an earlier issue of White Dwarf. Then various bits from my blightkings leftovers and other fantasy bits. I know the hat is from the Collegiate Arcane Battlemage kit. A couple interesting things about this model, his pose is a fairly wide stance and he stands kind of tall. Well the original slaughterpriest model is a very tall and imposing figure, and stands on a 40mm base. The original nurgle sorcerer model is shorter (but is tall with his staff) and comes with a 32mm base. So to remedy this I cut off the skull the slaughterpriest stood on, and made a little rock outcropping for him to step on. This allowed him to stand on a smaller base than what he was designed for. Overall I am pretty proud of this model. I am having to improve my sculpting lately to fill in all the gaps from the incompatible bits, like mixing the muscular khorne arms and body with the bloated grotesque belly, head, and arms. What we get is this interesting combination of muscular and fat build. I think it works. Also like the Chaos Warriors I made from the Blood Warriors, I managed to rot up and nurglefy his armor bits using my dremel drill.
Here is my next exhaustive project for this nurgle force I am working on. More on that when I get it done. Some of the parts pictured should be obvious where they came from, but I'll get into the detail next time.

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