Friday, February 17, 2017

Censers & Tocsins - Harbinger of Decay WIP

This is Gagnus the Ratcatcher, my Harbinger of Decay. Gagnus was a Nurgle lord who displeased his god in a defeat (to Stormcast Eternals no less), and as punishment his quest it to collect rat (particularly Skaven) corpses for Grandfather Nurgle to use in his garden, to pack around trees for fertilizer. A humiliating punishment for what was once a great Lord of Chaos. 
Some of you may be thinking: "What do you have against Dracoths?"

I just find the model interesting, and an interesting challenge for conversions. This is my Harbinger of Decay, but instead of a plague ridden horse, he rides what I call a Gluttdragon. The story here would be Nurgle was able to corrupt a Dracoth with a disease that causes insatiable hunger. It mutates this child of Dracothion into a mockery of its former self. No better mount for a Lord of Nurgle.

The Gluttdragon's head you may recognize from the Maggoth Lord model, Bloab Rotspawned. I just got the bit from one of my other orders, and it was a decent price. I already had the starter set Lord-Celestant on Dracoth for some other bits. The rider is a Putrid Blightking model. The rest is various other bits from my collection, and lots of green stuff. I really am pushing myself with greenstuff sculpting. The challenge was getting the monster head to blend with the clean Dracoth armor. I wanted to make it look like it was some sort of creeping mold or parasite encroaching the Dracoth. Perhaps if this creature were cured of the malady, its original head would still be underneath that grotesque growth? Also the molds and pus pockets mimicking the logo of Nurgle allover, particularly on the flanks. Tentacles greedily searching around its hosts body. The clean armor parts of course get the common rusting treatment from my dremel tool.

My little Nurgle force is coming together. I have a few more things coming for it before I hit that 1000pts sweet spot. Including this thing.

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