Thursday, August 3, 2017

Infinity Scenery - Weighted and Mounted

Previously I had done a little tip on how to weigh down the paper Infinity terrain sets. Those are working great, but there is the matter of the mat itself, which is just folded paper. When unfolding it, it jostles and has unsightly creases that raise up.

Luckily I found this extremely useful YouTube video:

Just follow his instructions, I did. These are the results:
We had bought 2 of the mats so they could stick together and make a bigger board. These are done single fold instead of tri-fold as shown in the video. I didn't plan on storing these in any boxes or anything.
This is just one of the boards. It lays very flat and solid on the ground. Much better than just letting the folded paper rest.
This is the 2 together. It makes an area about 3'x4'. If I make 2 more of them, I can get an actual 6'x4' board! But that's for a later project.
Here it is with the weighted terrain pieces. Again, this is 2 sets. A pretty good spread for some scifi skirmish gaming.

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