Sunday, December 10, 2017

Censers & Tocsins - Chaos Warshrine WIP

Thinking of other cool things I can add to my Nurgle Mortal army, I like the idea of the Chaos Warshrine. Like with anything from the Slaves to Darkness, I can give it the mark of Nurgle to fit in. But I want to try and turn the Nurgle up to 11 and do something different with it.
Luckily I do not need to buy the entire Chaos Warshrine kit. I found a bits site that sold the bits for the main body here for a fraction of the price. The rest I will make due with what I got, and what will be coming.
I have a few pins holding the front creatures a little straighter. The front of the shrine is higher up than the rear. They will be removed after mounting the shrine on top and sculpting the tentacles.
Rather than being held aloft by some mutant ogres, mine will be carried around by some tentacled creatures native to Sigmar-knows-where in the mortal realms. These are Reaper bones figures that we bought to use their heads for another project. (Here, here, and here) I glued them to the base with some extra strong E6000, and put pins in them to mount the main shrine body.
The pins stick through the floorboard. I will be clipping those off and covering them with something, most likely tentacles.
With the shrine mounted on the creatures, I can see how this thing will take shape. This project is going to use A LOT of greenstuff sculpting. I want to have fungus growing all over it, tentacles rising from the creature holding the shrine up, and I still need to figure out who I am going to use for the ritualist riding it. This is going to be a long term project, as I have plans on stuff to get with some Christmas money for my army here, some of the parts of which will be in use on the shrine.

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