Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Censers & Tocsins - Chaos Warshrine WIP 2

I have reached a point on this warshrine where I won't be able to continue until after christmas when I can get a few more kits. But here's a progress report on the work so far.
This step was taking care of pretty much all of the greenstuff work. The worm creatures underneath are using their grasping tentacle tongue things to hold up the shrine. So I started with sculpting the tentacles, making it look like they have a pretty firm grasp on the shrine, and holding it aloft as they slither across the battlefield. Also you may notice the 2 tentacles in the front covering the unsightly pins that held the shrine to the creatures below.
Next to cover the area where the tentacles meet the creatures, I sculpted in some mouth parts. Right now they look more like flower petals than mouth pieces, but I am hoping painting will change that. Each creature has its mouth parts open where the tentacles come out.
Finally I ruined the barge a little. Nurgle is the god of decay, so it makes sense that some of it would undergo rust damage. Also I sculpted on the creeping mold and fungus of the Cultivated. Plans for the pit will actually to have some big fungus garden coming out of it, as though this is where the Cultivated fungus primarily spreads or is perfected.
I would like to have something like this to come up out of the pit.

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