Sunday, January 4, 2015

Commander Truestrike's Fi'rios Expedition Cadre (Part 2)

(Part 1 here)

These are my XV88 Broadside conversions. I don't like the 'missile fist' look, and love the giant rail rifle holding stance, so I found online someone who was able to make them work together. Good thing is this is magnetized so I can choose to give it the twin-linked heavy rail rifles instead just by pulling off the missile pod and sticking the rifle barrels on. These guys pulled in a really nice kill number for my games and were the basis of my gun-line.
You've seen these before in my previous post. Not much said about them other than the fact that I loved how well they performed. Do not underestimate their basic Burst Cannons configuration.
The riptide conversion and posing I am particularly proud of. Under its feet is an old Imperial Guard Sentinel kit I had and bashed it up to look like it was vanquished by the battlesuit. My frined, Timo, is a Guard player and so this was an homage to our many battles together.
The final part of my army is are my Lizard Kroot. Their job, like the Fire Warriors, was objective camping. Despite being pretty weak, they are cheap and can hold that role well in a pinch, but they are cheap and don't expect a lot of durability from them. The conversion is pretty much a combination of Lizardmen Skinks and Kroot. I think they turned out very well.
This is me (on the left) in one of our games. My first win in the tournament against an Ultramarine player. Boards like these were common and every single one was unique and had different rules on them.

I had an excellent time and I do plan on going back next year. This time I will be bringing an all Inquisition army. A chellenge to say the least, but I am passionate about it.

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