Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Grand Inquisitorial Retinue - Crusaders

Next members of my retinue are the Crusaders.

Crusaders are elites of a secret ecclesiarchal order called the Cardinals Crimson. They are a rare few who wield Storm Shields outside of the Space Marine Terminators. Their role is protection, and they will be protecting one of my Inquisitors. Which one that will be is up to playtesting.
You may recognize the one on the right as being Hagar the Devout. The one of the left is new. Thaddeus the Pure uses about the same parts as Hagar, with the exception to the new cloak. I was particularly proud of the way this one flows around his torso. It is from the Cadre Fireblade plastic kit. The sword is also a standard power sword from the Tempestus Scions kit. It's too late for me to keep Hagar as wysiwyg, but I can at least do it for Thaddeus.

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