Monday, January 12, 2015

Grand Inquisitorial Retinue - Servitors w/ Plasma Cannons

As I said in a previous post, I plan on making a full Inquisition army. That's 1850 points using 2 Inquisitorial detachments. I think the inquisition army has a lot of strengths, but it would also have a lot of weaknesses. It is true that when reading through the codex, it doesn't seem 'complete', and whatever it is lacking is meant to be filled in with allies, or a main army it's allying with.

My goal with this army is to take it to a grand tournament, and prove they can hold their own... pretty well. This series of posts will outline the different units in my Grand Inquisitorial Army, and my progress for the upcoming tournament, as well as playtesting results.

First are 3 servitors with plasma cannons.
These 3 servitors are cheap for what they bring, but when not grouped with an Inquisitor they have a chance of succumbing to mindlock and freezing the entire unit. But for 20 pts each, they pack quite a punch, toting a plasma cannon, instead of just the regular infantry plasma gun.

The conversion was inspired by something similar I saw on the internet. The legs are made from the Sentinel kit's chainsaw arm. The plasma cannon is from the Leman Russ tank kits. The camera top is a battlesuit target lock. The back unit is from Grey Knights, and the side cabling is from Tempestus Scion cables used for the hot-shot lasguns.

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