Thursday, April 28, 2016

Deadzone - Enforcers and Forgefathers

I bought an Enforcercers starter kit off of Ebay for a really good price. It is nice to have 2 basic armies for introducing new players. Coupled with the scratch built terrain, I can get to demo-ing.
Nothing really fancy was done about these guys, just some minor kitbashes so I could make a medic out of one of the Assault Enforcers, and the Peacekeeper Captain has a Grey Knights helmet in place of the original. I just liked the look of it.
Something to notice was I decided to try creating my own street-rubble bases, instead of just sand and rocks I am so used to doing. These are made entirely with plasticard and sand.
I also put them (using the same theme) on my Forgefathers as well, in an effort to make it look like they are all fighting on the same battlefield. I really like the way the basing turned out and will continue to use it as I expand my collection of Deadzone miniatures. Speaking of expanding, you will notice the new big guy on the far right there. That is my Thor Pattern Iron Ancestor, a pretty ambitious conversion project, and I will be doing a How-I-Did-It post on it soon.

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