Monday, April 25, 2016

The Coven of Verminlord Skrax - Painted Models Part 1

I have been slowly working on painting my Dark Eldar army, and I got some dudes to show off now.

The Haemonculus w/ Webway Portal, Warplord Tich

10 of the Wracks are complete, with glowing yellow whip coils and all. I am in the process of painting the other 10.

In the tournament, having a full set of 6 objective markers helps with bonus points. So keeping with the Skaven theme I built them out of leftover sprue and made some Warpstone objectives. These of course can be used for 40k, as well as AoS as a bonus. Each marker is numbered 1 through 6 based on the number of crystals protruding from the base. So that front left is (1), and the front right is (3). Verminlord Skrax has found that these crystals can be used in several devices to power their machines as well as control and vitalize his rat minions.

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