Thursday, April 14, 2016

Deadzone - Game Board, Terrain, and Game Aid

My brother is coming over this weekend to try a game of Deadzone together. The game utilizes a 3"x3"x3" cube grid system which allows for ease and quick gameplay, as well as VERY dense terrain. Nothing I had already really fit the bill. Fortunately Mantic makes their Battlezones terrain system designed specifically for this, and it looks excellent. Unfortunately I do not have any, yet. So for this demo game, I figured I would make it all myself.
Typical Deadzone terrain density.
It was all fairly easy since the whole system works on that 3" cube measurements, so I took a sheet of foam core, cut it in 3" squares (or groups of 3" squares for stability) and began constructing. When you google 'battlezones terrain' you find plenty of inspiration for what to build.
All made over the course of a couple afternoons.
Then the game mat itself is 2'x2', with the 3" grid on it, as per a standard game for Deadzone. Unfortunately I didn't have a nice print mat that I wanted to draw the 3" grid on with sharpies, so I am using a cut of 1" gridded paper.
In the galactic spanse, Elmer's Corp is one of the major contributors of prefab buildings for new colonies. This was all made with Elmer's Wood Glue as well. I'm sensing a theme here.
A quick note on foam core (also known as foam board). It's a great construction material, but there are 2 types generally on the market. You may be tempted to get the cheap dollar store stuff, but DON'T. You get what you pay for. It is so cheap and fragile. The foam in the middle is that light pearly foam that makes a big mess when you cut it, and the paper sandwiching it is really just paper. Unlike Elmer's brand, for example, uses a sturdier foam and sandwiched with harder cardstock. It's a little more expensive (not by much) but totally worth it.
Open these in a new window and save them for better resolution.
Also on the subject of Deadzone, I made some blank stat cards for your minis. The fields in them are designed for regular games and campaign play. When printed and cut out, each card measures about 5"x3.5"
This is another useful sheet for command dice. When the game gets released, they will provide printed command dice, but in the meantime I made a quick reference card for when rolling your command dice. This works nice because as you roll the dice, you can set them on the proper field for ease. The Special area is intentionally left blank so you can write in your team leader's unique ability.

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