Tuesday, August 16, 2016

HeroQuest Silver Tower - Custom Hero Cards

Just a few little hero cards I made for Silver Tower. While we have the app for handling other hero quest characters outside of the ones that come in the box, I like to avoid electronics at the table where possible. So some have been transcribing the hero cards from the app onto real cards. A few nice guys on the internet have been making that happen, and even going as far as to help with templates so you can make your own.

I love my Duardin heroes, so when I take the journey into the Silver Tower, I plan on bringing them along. The following are my custom hero cards. While they have been renamed and reflavored, the core rules and mechanics are all the same and still there. They will play exactly the same as their originals.

This is the Lord of the throng. In Silver Tower he uses the Warden King hero card, but with his abilities reflavored to his signature steamsuit. Also I just realized that I hadn't really showcased these miniatures yet. Unfortunately they aren't painted though.
Lord of the Forhammer Clan, and son of Behrun Forthammer. He leads his throng with the same ingenuity and determination of his steam powered armour. Due to his lifetime work as an engineer, his throng is blessed with much in the way of engineering wonders. The Dispossessed see these as tools for getting back against whom they hold long grudges, namely chaos. Their quest is to reclaim their ancient holds. In AoS I use him as a Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers. The core mini is from Black Scorpion miniatures, with one arm reposed to hold a hammer from an old metal GW Dwarf Engineer.

Master Cogsmith of the Forthammer Clan, and first son of Lord Dunhill. He is turning out to be an engineer prodigy like his father. Having taken over and even completing many of his family's projects. Even the steamsuit was originally seen as a hopeless cause until Drake got to finishing it. Now Drake manages all the throng's war machines and heads up the Irondrake regiments. The original miniature is a mix of the Cogsmith model and some bits from the Irondrakes.

Runelordess of the Forthammer Clan, and daughter of Lord Dunhill. Stubborn, headstrong, and definitely her father's daughter. Bree is constantly rebelling against her father's wishes, especially the mandate to stay out of the battlefield. Having done so for so long she studied and became proficient with rune magic. Now she refuses to stay hidden any longer and fights with the throng, much to her father's chagrin. The model is from Reaper, which has some excellent female dwarf models, with the shield from my bits collection.


  1. Great work on the custom heroes, I have Silver Tower on the wishlist and will pull the trigger soon. How did you make the custom character cards? Did you have a Photoshop template, I'll have to scan one in and try to break up the layout myself, great inspiration.
    James Hartman

    1. Thanks man. On a forum there was a guy doing the photoshopping himself, so I don't have a template. He just did the portraits in the blank cards, and I added the text in myself using MS Publisher.

    2. Cool, I use some Google-fu to see what I can find, I'm sure BGG will have something. Look forward to more of your posts!