Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gamer A.D.D. - Dwarf Warband for SoBaH

I went on a Reaper BONES buying spree, trying to collect all the Dwarfs they had. I love reaper bones minis for several reasons. The big one is they are cheap and easy to convert. I had originally collected all these guys for Frostgrave, but lately Song of Blades and Heroes has begun to fill that spot.
The left mini I replaced the greatsword with a gromril hammer from the Hammerers kit. The right mini was simply replacing the religious icon with a pair of tongs holding a smoking rune from the Runelord kit. He was originally supposed to be my enchanter wizard for Frostgrave.
With these two, I replaced what they were holding (crossbow and spear) with good ol' dwarf handguns from the Thunderers kit. I also sculpted on proper dwarf beards, as all members of my warband should have. These are smaller beards, so they are the young members, beardlings, if you will.
The left mini I just sculpted on a young beard, as well as with the right mini. These guys are the trappers and mancatchers of my warband.
This mini was originally supposed to be a construct for my Frostgrave wizard, he still definitely has a place in my warband as the stone beard I sculpted on him fits with the theme perfectly.
And finally for a couple minis that were never part of my original warband because Frostgrave has no rules for mounted minis; but this game does! I love the idea of dwarf bear riders since I read this book. It's just a cool concept and very fitting I think. The mini on the right is complete, I just added a face shield on the rider, barding on the bear, and replaced her sword with a dwarf axe. All these bits I gather are from the Warriors kit. The mini on the left was a much bigger conversion project, and a little daunting at first. The bear is metal, and was one of the minis I bought as I was experimenting for which bear head I needed for my Lord-Celestant conversion. Since the bear wasn't going to work, I just stored him away, thinking I may need him later. Well I wanted 2 bear riders, so I figured this mini could be reposed. I just cut away at her armour and by sticking her in boiling water I could spread her legs a little wider and she would keep shape. Then with greenstuffing for the saddle and bits for barding, she was complete!

I own more Bones Dwarfs, but I kept them pretty much as is. And here they are, all named and profiled, ready for a basic game of Song of Blades and Heroes!

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