Friday, December 9, 2016

Forthammer Clan Throng - Thane with Battle Standard (Painted)

I realize now that I never showed this mini off as a WIP. He is my Thane with Battle Standard I made from various leftover bits and kits.The main body is actually the Runelord. I already had a Runelord model planned, and figured this model could make a good hero for something else. The Thane warscroll has some good advantages, such as being anti-magic and making Dispossessed nearby immune to battleshock.
Most of the kitbashing is on the banner itself. The goal is to make a really tall magnificent standard that is higher than the other unit's. The main banner body is from the Hammerer kit, then some rune bits hanging off the sides (these are from the Warriors kit), then it is topped with an icon (also from the Warriors) but having the wings shaved off and adding the forge and engineering tools from the Cannon kit. Cresting the head at the top is from the Cogsmith kit. These three elements show the forging and engineering nature of the throng. The banner painting is very similar to that of my Longbeard's.

There is also another element to this model that should be mentioned. Its warscroll has one of those 'silly' rules in it. If I have a longer or more magnificent beard than my opponent's, then the Thane can re-roll failed to-hit rolls in combat. This may hardly ever come up, but just in case it does...
I have been planning this beard growth for quite some time because I know I could be fielding this model. It will primarily be in my side-board during the tournament, but this is a just in case thing, and I just wanted an excuse, no matter how small, to try growing a long chin-beard. It's kind of annoying though, so I will be shaving it short after the LVO (which my wife looks forward to). I really have some appreciation for the dwarfs and their dedication to their facial hair.

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