Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Censers & Tocsins - Putrid Blightkings and Nurgle Chaos Warriors WIP

In my goals for 2016 I mentioned an Age of Sigmar project I had planned, based on one of my $200 army ideas. I knew for a long time that if I ever did want to dabble in Chaos, I would go the Nurgle route, finding that particular god to be the most interesting. With the wonderfully loose army building rules for AoS, I can build a very characterful flavored Nurgle army.

Ultimately the goal is a Skaven Pestilens and Nurgle Rotbringers allied force. So some of my Christmas money started with the Nurgle Rotbringers and I got all the following built while it was still too cold to paint.
I absolutely love the Putrid Blightkings kit. It was a pleasure to put together. It had so many weapon and bits options, and even better, so many leftover bits! It made 5 Blightkings, but I kept one out to use for another conversion project I have planned. Luckily the Lord of Plagues kit fits in well with the rest of the Blightkings so he will be just another one of the boys.
Champion, Horn Blower, Standard Bearer
Then I saw some inspiration from someone else who made some Chaos Warriors out of the AoS box set Blood Warriors. Seeing how I have so many extra Blightking bits, I liked the idea. So here I have 10 chaos warriors with the mark of Nurgle. I just had to make sure to scrape off any Khorne iconography, and drill some holes in the armour to make corrosion, and Liquid Greenstuff makes for good goopy dirtying, you can hardly tell these were once devout worshipers of the blood god. I used just about every single extra Blightkings bit on these guys and I can't wait to paint them... one day.


  1. This is a fantastic idea and I love the conversion work you've done. I feel that the current Chaos warriors just don't cut it. Along with this, I also plan to convert Bloodreavers into Marauders. I'm not sure if you have any experience on this but I would love to hear it if you do. Thanks for for the inspiration and keep up the great work!

    1. I sure do! My latest post is showing my marauders made from bloodreavers. I've got a whole blog here, man. :) On the right column of my site, under Project Tags, click on the Censers & Tocsins one, and it shows all my posts for my Nurgle army, including all the Hero characters I've converted for it. I think you might find it interesting. Or you can just click 'nurgle' in the Labels under the post here. Takes you to the same place.