Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Forthammer Clan Throng - Bolt Thrower WIP, and a blog update

With the completion of the Klad Barag, I have some extra parts, primarily the base mount from the Cannon kit, and the big guns from the Frigate kit. So why not combine them?
Bolt Thrower
Using the extra crew and other bits, I have created a magnetized bolt thrower/cannon for my Dispossessed army. The bolt thrower was the primary reason behind doing this because I like the look of its warscroll. Then I decided to magnetize it so I could also run it as a second cannon when I needed it.

The crew are obviously mostly the Frigate crew bits, but the heads are spares from the Hammerers kit. Very little of my army has their beards concealed because this isn't a Kharadron Overlords army afterall.

This is almost done, but I am missing a bit. I want one of the crewmen to look like he's holding another bolt. In order to do that I need the spear-tip from the Frigate kit to put on the end of the staff as shown.
I am having a hard time finding that bit, so if any of you just happened to have built the Arkanaut Frigate kit and are not using the heavy skyhook variant (even if you are just not using the tip alone) I would appreciate it if we could get in contact and perhaps make a trade. Comment below if you think we can work something out.

On a side note, I had an incident very recently where I broke my foot. I sometimes have to remember I am not 20 anymore and can't do the things I used to. So right now I am mostly couch-ridden until I get this thing healed, which will take several weeks. What does this mean for my hobby? Things will be slowing down. I can't go out and prime my models when I can barely stand, and I definitely won't be able to get much gaming in. Hopefully soon I will get this thing casted and on the path to healing so I can be a little more mobile, but until then not much is going to be happening for a while. Wish me luck!

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