Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Klad Barag - Weapons WIP

What is a giant steam mech without some nasty weaponry? I have thought a lot about what model to use this counts-as in gameplay, because I while I do want to make this as a display centerpiece, I also would like to use it. After much deliberation, I have settled on either the Drakesworn Templar, or the Carmine Dragon. More on the warscrolls in the later post.

The first weapon of the Klad Barag's impressive armament are the rockets above its torso as seen here. That is the rocket battery.
This is the main battle cannon mounted on its right arm. Clip fed from the bottom, and a boiler in the back that propels the cannon round and can spray scalding hot steam on opponents at short range.
This massive steam hammer may look familiar, as it was designed after Lord Dunhill's own seen here. The idea is the weapon is swung, and on impact the hammer head shoots forward, increasing the force of impact. The face of this hammer is part of the Forthammer Clan symbol, so imagine a Bloodthirster with that imprinted on his crushed hide. hehehe...
This symbols is also used on the banner bearer.
A note on how the hammer is made, to give it some scale, the main round cylindrical part is made of 32mm bases, and the head is made from 40mm square bases (although narrowed a little to make it more rectangular). It's quite heavy with a lot of plasticard, bits, bases, and tubing used. I hope it doesn't mess with the balance of the whole model.

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