Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Klad Barag - Complete...almost

Construction of the massive Klad Barag is complete!
This model was quite an undertaking. With something it's size, you really do have to take it in steps. I started by completely doing the torso, then shoulders, then head, then legs, then arms and weapons. Some adjustments were to be made on the way, and some I was stuck with. However I am pleased with the final product and am looking forward to getting it painted.

However there is one part missing. I want to give it a front pelvis cover, but the part is in another kit which I am looking to get soon. When I get that on, it will be complete.
Carmine Dragon warscroll, reflavored to the Klad Barag. All rules are technically legal.
Now for the rules, I have been trying to figure out what model it will represent, and I think I have settled on Forgeworld's Carmine Dragon. It's a tall figure, which is about the same height as this, and the rules just represent how killy the thing will be in melee. It's ranged attack is fairly weak, however, and the Klad Barag is built to have some powerful weaponry, so I just reasoned that while his ranged weapons are powerful, they are fairly inaccurate.
Forgesworn Eternal Liberator for scale.

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